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Industrial Digital UPS 10-120kVA (3/3 PF:1.0)

ET Series Industrial Digital UPS | Capacity: 10kVA-120kVA | Power Factor: 1.0 | Phase: 3/3 | Input/Output Voltage: 380VAC/400VAC/415AC | Frequency: 40Hz-70Hz


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Industrial Digital UPS Industrial UPS Digital UPS Industrial Online UPS Digital Online UPS

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    • Brand: Prostar
    • Commodity name: Industrial Digital UPS 10-120kVA (3/3 PF:1.0)

    ET Series Industrial Digital UPS | Capacity: 10kVA-120kVA | Power Factor: 1.0 | Phase: 3/3 | Input/Output Voltage: 380VAC/400VAC/415AC | Frequency: 40Hz-70Hz

    Prostar has meticulously and independently developed a new generation of ET series three-phase in, three-phase out UPS systems. The design incorporates an advanced DSP digital processor and IGBT space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM), which significantly improves upon the disadvantages of traditional analog device circuits, such as low control accuracy and slow control speed. This enhancement effectively addresses the inherent issue of analog circuit parameter drift. System detection and control are faster, more accurate, and stable, comprehensively improving UPS reliability, power supply quality, and product consistency.


    The new generation of ET series UPS systems, ranging from 10kVA to 120kVA, features an improved output power factor, ranging from 0.8 to 1.0. Considering the prevalent scenario in most computer rooms, where an advanced power factor is present, the new generation of UPS systems takes into account leading load characteristics and optimizes the design accordingly. It can operate with loads ranging from 1.0 lagging to 1.0 leading.


    The UPS boasts DSP full digital control technology, advanced IGBT inverter technology, double conversion pure online technology, SCR static bypass technology, UPS protection technology, green power technology, battery management technology, parallel technology, and network monitoring technology. These nine technical advantages are integrated, digitized, intelligent, and modular, making the UPS a truly new generation of uninterruptible power supply.





    Features Introduction



    ● DSP full digital control for stronger performance.

    ● Advanced battery management technology designed according to the battery's charge and discharge characteristics, effectively prolonging battery service life.

    ● Equipped with combined utility power and battery power supply technology, supporting the setting of utility power and battery power distribution ratio, suitable for weak utility grids and environments with large loads.

    ● Strong load adaptability, capable of handling motor and impact loads.

    ● Supports 100% unbalanced load, full load on a single phase, and full load on any two phases, ensuring normal operation.

    ● Self-detection function ensures safe initial startup.

    ● Fan failure alarm promptly notifies users to replace the fan, ensuring reliable operation of the entire unit.

    ● Unique structural design allows for full front maintenance, and certain models support reliable wall installation for easy maintenance.

    ● Supports ECO mode with up to 98% efficiency, as well as parallel function.

    ● 7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen provides users with an intuitive and convenient operating experience.

    ● Features complete fault record, operation record, and status record functions to facilitate maintenance and repair.

    ● Supports RS232, RS485, CAN, USB, dry contact, SNMP card, WiFi/GPRS card, and more to meet various needs.



    Performance Characteristics



    Full Digital DSP Control

    The core system employs advanced DSP full digital control technology, enabling precise and high-speed control of UPS inverter, phase synchronization, input rectification, and logic control. This results in superior overall performance.

    Advanced IGBT technology

    The integration of high-efficiency and high-reliability IGBT inverter technology with space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) reduces system noise and power loss. It ensures users receive high-quality voltage output and maximum economic benefits across varying workloads. The overall system efficiency exceeds 93%.


    User-Friendly Operation Interface

    The 7-inch color capacitance touch screen can provide both graphic display and digital display, which issuitable for users to view status, data and control operation. The internal CPU can record historical eventsand alarm information, and the information storage capacity is up to 1000.

    Display content includes: input voltage, input frequency, output voltage, output current, output frequency,active power, apparent power, load rate, float charge voltage, equalizing charge voltage, charging current,charger temperature, battery voltage, battery pack temperature , remaining battery discharge time,percentage of remaining battery capacity, battery status, historical records, etc.


    Advanced digital calibration function enables voltage and current self-calibration through software, eliminating the need for adjustable resistances.

    Self-diagnosis technology enables real-time monitoring of inverter, rectifier, and other circuit statuses, battery capacity and state detection, equipment working environment temperature monitoring, and fan failure detection. This minimizes the risk of failures and ensures UPS reliability.


    Low power consumption and high efficiency

    The output power factor reaches 1.0.

    Support for ECO mode operation with ECO fault self-cutting inverter function allows users to select online/ECO economy/bypass operation modes. In ECO mode, it achieves an ultra-high operating efficiency of over 98%, effectively reducing the system's self-consumed electricity. It is an ideal choice for low-carbon environments.


    Intelligent battery management

    Intelligent battery management function (ABM) technology reduces battery maintenance requirements. Constant current and constant voltage automatic conversion charging technology maximizes battery activation and saves charging time.

    Features battery capacity prediction, discharging time estimation, and low voltage pre-warning.

    The intelligent battery management function performs self-diagnosis and self-checking of the battery pack. It includes charging voltage temperature compensation, intelligent adjustment of battery discharge termination voltage, automatic battery discharge activation at regular intervals, and automatic setting of charging current and other functions (requires separate configuration components, non-standard). Supports lithium batteries (requires separate configuration components, non-standard).

    Predictive alarm system

    Automatic detection function provides timely advance warnings and self-diagnosis during startup, preventing failures and ensuring personal safety.

    Supports automatic and manual battery online test functions. Users can set different test cycles (daily, weekly, monthly) to perform automatic battery tests. The UPS provides sound and light alarms and displays corresponding information on the panel to identify potential battery failures promptly.


    Powerful redundancy parallel function

    The core system utilizes DSP all-digital control technology, allowing the ET series digital UPS to be used for N+1 or N+X redundant parallel or capacity expansion. Up to 8 units can be paralleled arbitrarily, reducing initial purchasing costs and future growth costs.


    Super environmental adaptability

    The ET series digital UPS has strong environmental adaptability and a wide AC input range, minimizing battery usage frequency and extending battery life.

    Wide input frequency range enables stable operation with various fuel generators.

    Three-phase output accommodates 100% unbalanced three-phase loads.

    Strong load adaptability supports RCD nonlinear loads, industrial impact loads, motor loads, etc.

    Circuit board employs three-proof technology: dust-proof, anti-fog, and salt-proof. It can operate reliably in harsh environments, prolonging UPS lifespan.

    Double conversion pure online technology

    Double-conversion pure online technology provides pure sine wave power supply with frequency tracking, phase-locking, voltage stabilization, and noise filtering. It remains unaffected by grid fluctuations and offers zero conversion time, providing comprehensive protection for precision equipment. Standard built-in output isolation transformer, static bypass switch, and manual maintenance switch. This UPS series withstands short circuits and can be used in harsh environments.

    Network Management

    Supports RS232, USB, RS485, CAN, NET input and output dry contacts, SNMP card, WiFi card, GPRS card, and 4G card, enabling UPS monitoring of its running status.

    With the optional "Prostar Smart Cloud Box," remote network management functions are available through computer monitoring and mobile APP monitoring. The UPS can send alarm information via WeChat, mobile phone text messages, and provide real-time UPS data and power information.

    Battery Cold Start Function

    The UPS is equipped with a battery cold start switch, allowing direct startup using the battery pack for emergency situations. After the battery is discharged to the end of discharge (EOD), the UPS automatically starts when utility power is restored, providing unattended functionality.

    Enhanced combined structure cabinet

    The cabinet features excellent material selection, mature technology, high structural strength, and a sleek appearance. It is suitable for side-by-side installation of multiple units, offering easy installation, cleanliness, and a generous design. The user-friendly front-end maintenance design saves space.

    Comprehensive and reliable protection

    Includes comprehensive software and hardware protection, with fan failure alarm.

    Provides AC input over-voltage and under-voltage protection, as well as output over-voltage, under-voltage, overload, and short-circuit protection. Additionally, it features inverter and rectifier over-temperature protection, battery under-voltage warning and protection, battery over-charge protection, ensuring stable and reliable system operation. It exhibits a strong overload capacity, capable of sustaining 60 minutes/10 minutes/1 minute under 110%/125%/150% overload.



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