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Industrial Digital UPS 10-160kVA (3/3 PF:0.8)

ET-Pro Series Industrial Digital UPS | Capacity: 10kVA-160kVA | Power Factor: 0.8 | Phase: 3/3 | Input/Output Voltage: 380VAC/400VAC/415AC | Frequency: 40Hz-70Hz



Low Frequency Online UPS


Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Power Supply Industrial UPS Digital UPS Three Phase UPS

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    • Brand: Prostar
    • Commodity name: Industrial Digital UPS 10-160kVA (3/3 PF:0.8)

    ET-Pro Series Industrial Digital UPS | Capacity: 10kVA-160kVA | Power Factor: 0.8 | Phase: 3/3 | Input/Output Voltage: 380VAC/400VAC/415AC | Frequency: 40Hz-70Hz

    Prostar has meticulously and independently developed a new generation of the ET-PRO series, featuring a three-phase in three-phase out UPS. The design incorporates an advanced DSP digital processor and IGBT Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM), which significantly improves upon the drawbacks of traditional applications that rely on numerous analog device circuits with low control accuracy and slow control speed. This technology not only effectively addresses the drift issue of analog circuit parameters, but also offers faster, more precise, and stable system detection and control, ultimately enhancing UPS reliability, power supply quality, and consistency.


    The online technology provides complete isolation and protection against all power quality disturbances, even in the most demanding environments. Its compact design, high-density technology, N+1 redundancy, and fault-tolerant architecture optimize availability, operational efficiency, and critical load protection while minimizing the total cost of ownership.The ET-PRO series operates with high efficiency in either double conversion or ECO mode, conserving valuable energy and reducing costs. A comprehensive range of options allows the ET-PRO series to excel in any application.


    The output electrical performance is fully compatible with today's latest load requirements, including upstream harmonics management for generator-friendly installation and flexible configurations due to the extensive variety of integrated options and auxiliary equipment. Furthermore, the integration, digitization, intelligence, and modularity of the system make it the next-generation multi-functional online UPS.



    Features Introduction



    ● High-performance DSP full digital control

    ● Advanced battery management technology(ABM), extending the battery service life according to the charging and discharging characteristics of the battery

    ● Equipped with combined utility power and battery power supply technology,support utility power and battery power distribution ratio setting, suitable for weak utility grid and large load working environment 

    ● Great load adaptability for various loads, like motor, impact, inductive, capacitive, non-linear, etc 

    ● Support 100% unbalanced load, single-phase ful oad, any two-phase full load 

    ● With self-detection function to ensure UPS initial start-up safety

    ● With fan failure alarm function to notify the users to replace it in time to ensure the reliable operation of the UPS system

    ● Unique structure design, full front maintenance, installation against the wall for some models, easy maintenance

    ● Support ECO mode, efficiency up to 98% in ECO mode 

    ● Support parallel function

    ● 7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, providing users with intuitive and convenient operating experience 

    ● Complete data log for fault record, operation record and status record to be convenient for maintenance 

    ● Support RS232, RS485, CAN, USB,dry contact, SNMP card, WiFi/GPRS card, etc. to meet various needs



    Performance Characteristics



    Full Digital DSP Control

    The UPS core system adopts advanced DSP full digital control technology in UPS invertercontrol, phase synchronization, input rectification control and logic control with highprecision, high speed and better performance.

    Advanced IGBT Inverter Technology

    The combination of high-efficiency and high-reliability IGBT inverter technology and Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM), UPS can reduce system noise and power loss,ensuring that the users can obtain high-quality voltage output and the best economicbenefits under various workload conditions. The efficiency of the whole UPS systemexceeds 93%.


    Human-Machine Interface

    The 7-inch color touch screen can provide text and mimic diagrams display at the sametime, which is suitable for users to view status, data and operation control. The internalCPU can record historical events and alarm information, and the information storagecapacity is up to 10,000.

    The display content includes: input voltage, input frequency, output voltage, output current,output frequency, active power, apparent power, load rate, float charge voltage, equalizingcharge voltage, charging current, charger temperature, battery voltage, battery packtemperature, remaining battery discharge time, percentage of remaining battery capacity.battery status, historical records, etc.


    Advanced digital calibration function, the voltage and current can be calibrated by softwarewithout any adjustable resistance.

    Self-diagnostic technology, real time monitor the working status of inverter, rectifier andother circuits, detect battery capacity and status, detect UPS working ambient temperature,and detect the failure of each fan to avoid UPS failure.


    Low Power Consumption and High Efficiency

    Support ECO economic mode operation. When ECO fault,it will transfer to inverterautomatically. Allow users to select Online / ECO /Bypass operation modes. In the ECO economic mode, the UPS operating efficiency can be up to more than 98%, which caneffectively reduce the UPS system power consumption. And it's the first choice for low-carbon times.


    Advance Battery Management

    Adopt intelligent advance battery management (ABM) technology to reduce batterymaintenance times. The advanced constant current and constant voltage automaticconversion charging technology can activate the battery maximally and save charging time.

    The battery management system has functions, such as battery capacity prediction,discharge time estimation, and low-voltage warming. Moreover, it can perform self-diagnosisand self-checking for the battery pack, with charging voltage temperature compensation,intelligent adjustment of battery discharge termination voltage, automatic battery dischargeactivation at regular intervals, automatic setting battery charging current and other functions(this part of the function requires separate configuration components, non-standard), supportlithium-ion batteries (requires separate configuration components, non-standard).

    Predictive Alarm System

    The LCD panel has automatic detection function, timely forecast and alarm in advance, and self-diagnosis function when UPS initial start-up, which can avoid the risk of failure and personalsafety that may be caused by UPS hidden dangers in time.

    Support automatic and manual battery online test functions. Users can set different test cyclessuch as day, week, and month to perform automatic battery test, provide sound and light alarms,and display corresponding information on the LCD display to discover potential battery failures in time.


    Powerful Parallel Redundant / Parallel Capacity Function

    DSP full digital control technology in the core system, ET-Pro series online UPS has not only N+1 or N+X parallel redundancy, but also increases total power capacity, it can be simultaneouslyparallel within 8 units, which greatly reduces the user's up-front purchasing costs and subsequent growth costs.

    Superior Environmental Adaptability

    There is superior environmental adaptability for ET-Pro series Online UPS, and a wide AC input voltage range, thereby reducing battery usage frequency to extend its service life.

    Wide AC input frequency range is suitable for connecting various fuel generators.

    Three phase output allows 100% unbalanced for 3 phase loads.

    Great load adaptability supports RCD non-inear load, industrial grade impact load, motor load, etc.

    All circuit boards adopt three-anti-coating technology, that is, dust-proof, anti-humidity, and sall-proof. The UPS can be used in harsh environments, and extend UPS service life.

    True Online Double Conversion Technology

    True online double conversion technology makes the UPS pure sine output with frequencytracking, phase locking, voltage stabilization, and noise filtering, which is not interfered byelectrical grid fluctuations. Output zero transfer time enables UPS to provide more comprehensiveprotection for users'precision equipment.

    ET-Pro UPS is built-in isolation transformer, static bypass switch and manual maintenance bypass switch.


    Multiple Communication Interfaces

    There are a variety of communication interfaces to monitor the UPS operation status, like RS232,RS485,USB, CAN, NET, Input/Output dry contact, SNMP card, WIFI card, GPRS card and 4G card, etc.

    Through external connecting "Prostar IOT" smart dloud box (optional), computer monitoring andmobile APP(including IOS and Android) monitoring can be performed, with remote networkmanagement functions. It can also send alarm information via Wechat or mobile text messages toprovide reaktime UPS data and power information.

    Battery Cold Start

    In the abnormal state of the utility power, the UPS with a battery cold start switch can be starteddirectly with the battery to meet emergency needs. When the battery is discharged to EOD, UPSonly start automatically while the utility is restored, and it has an unattended function.

    Integrating lsolation Transformer

    ET-Pro series UPS is equipped with an isolation transformer, fully integrated to the UPS unit depending on the customer's galvanic isolation need (output andinput). Integrating the transformer directly to the UPS saves footprint and provides all the benefits of galvanic isolation including a very robust buffer betweenthe utility and the critical load.

    Comprehensive Protection

    The UPS provides perfect software and hardware protection, as well as fan failure alarm. It also provides various protections, like AC input overvoltage/under-voltageprotection, AC output overvoltage/under-voltage protection, overload, short-circuit protection, over-temperature protection for inverter and rectifier, battery under-voltagewarning and under-voltage protection, battery over-charge protection and other protections to ensure the UPS system operation stability and reliability. Powerful overloadability, it can maintain 60 minutes / 10 minutes / 1 minute under 110%/125%/ 150% overload.



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