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With the continuous development of information technology, especially cloud computing and virtualization technologies, the Internet, mobile Internet, and the Internet of Things have also experienced rapid growth. Data and information have exploded, ushering in an era of cloud computing and big data. As the most important IT infrastructure in the information industry, data centers have very high stability requirements for power supply in their server rooms. They also require server rooms to operate continuously throughout the year, even during power outages or grid failures, ensuring a power supply is available for use. Therefore, server rooms need to be equipped with UPS power supplies to provide power for their operation, which is crucial for the smooth functioning of information systems. 




Solution Characteristics



Rapid Deployment


Prostar modular data centers allow for factory modular prefabrication and on-site assembly of subsystems. The system consists of integrated, standardized components, significantly shortening the deployment cycle and reducing data center construction time by more than 50%.



Flexible Expansion


Using modular components and unified interface standards, the data center can be expanded on-demand by racks or modules, saving investment costs. Customized solutions support smooth upgrades of the single cabinet's rated power density.



Intelligent Management


The data center features an intelligent monitoring and management system, enabling unified monitoring of the entire data center infrastructure, including power, environment, video, equipment, and access control. Integrated alarm management, report management, work order management, and energy efficiency management functions enable comprehensive intelligent management.



Green Energy Saving


Modular data centers utilize enclosed cold/hot aisle technology, effectively optimizing airflow organization, reducing unnecessary cooling for the entire server room, and preventing cold and hot air from mixing. This increases the return air temperature of cooling equipment, improving cooling energy efficiency. Compared to traditional data centers, energy consumption can be reduced by 30% to 50%.




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Data Center

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