After-sale Service

The power supply system, as a crucial component of the data center's power supply system, is vital for the stable and reliable operation of equipment. Through maintenance and repair services, we can slow down the aging time of electronic products, eliminate potential faults, and improve the optimum operating status of the equipment. Regular maintenance is of great significance to enhance system safety and reliability. The battery, as an important link in the uninterruptible power supply system, provides sustainable electrical energy, playing a role in energy storage and release. Typically, batteries are costly. Improper maintenance could lead to safety risks and accidents; excessive maintenance, on the other hand, leads to exorbitant costs that are hard to bear. Therefore, preventative inspections of the battery, regular charging and discharging maintenance, and improvements to the operating environment are the best ways to ensure battery safety and reduce operating costs. The Prostar company's maintenance service team, leveraging years of meticulous work in the power industry, is dedicated to providing you with thoughtful service.


Service Advantages

Our team is comprised of a large number of experienced engineering technicians, ready to provide you with comprehensive services. Prostar is committed to establishing a thorough quality assurance and research and development system, which includes related technology plans, project management, research and development, intellectual property regulations, and detailed management implementation rules. Additionally, we've increased our technological investment, focusing on tackling key technological areas, and establishing a multi-level research project system. We adhere to the business philosophy of "technological innovation, people-oriented", continuously training and nurturing high-level scientific and managerial talents to adapt to global competition and enterprise development needs. We've also deepened our compensation incentive mechanism to inspire researchers' enthusiasm for technological innovation, thus forming an excellent human resource development and management system.

Service Models

Extended Warranty Service: When purchasing a product, you can also purchase an extended warranty package. Renewal Service: When a product's warranty is about to expire or has expired, you can purchase a service to continue the warranty. Inspection and Maintenance Service: Regular professional inspections and maintenance services for data centers or power supply systems. Full Insurance Service: We provide product warranty renewals, as well as regular system inspections and maintenance services.


Our Goals

To make systems safer! To make operations more efficient! To maintain the value of your equipment! To make usage more worry-free! To provide more flexible solutions! We are dedicated to protecting your equipment at all costs!

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