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The petrochemical sector is integral to national energy strategy and socio-economic growth, holding a significant position in the overall economy. Key features of petrochemical enterprises include large-scale, continuous operations, numerous production apparatuses, intricate processes, and advanced automation control technologies with a high degree of technical intensity. These businesses share the core attributes of the power industry while also demonstrating unique aspects specific to oil refining and chemical processes, resulting in stringent demands for secure power supply in their electrical systems. Petrochemical production processes encompass hazardous conditions such as elevated temperatures, high pressures, flammability, and explosiveness. As a result, during operations, any sudden power failure in critical control equipment could lead to considerable repercussions and, in extreme cases, human casualties. Thus, it is essential for petrochemical applications to deploy UPS power supply solutions to guarantee uninterrupted electrical supply.



Solution Characteristics


Safe and Reliable


Given the challenging operating conditions in the petrochemical industry, the utilization of high-quality and dependable power equipment is of utmost importance. Prostar online UPS power systems are capable of enduring harsh natural climate conditions like high temperatures, low temperatures, humidity, condensation, atmospheric pressure, salt spray, and mold. Additionally, they meet specific process requirements, including the presence of fine dust, conductive dust, corrosive gases, dripping or spraying water, flame resistance, explosion-proofing, and seismic resistance. By meeting the environmental and process demands of industrial sites, these UPS systems showcase outstanding performance and high reliability.



Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction


The concepts of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability have gained significant importance across various industries in China. The petrochemical industry, being a major consumer of energy, bears a critical responsibility for achieving energy efficiency and emissions reduction. Considering the industry's characteristics, the selection of UPS systems in the petrochemical sector primarily focuses on power frequency technology. Prostar online UPS systems offer high efficiency and support ECO mode. They come equipped with built-in output isolation transformers and five-stage filters to reduce harmonic distortion caused by UPS input current, minimizing pollution to the power grid with harmonic content below 10%. These UPS systems facilitate the provision of green power supply.



Industry Customization


Prostar specializes in providing customized online UPS power solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the petrochemical industry. These solutions ensure uninterrupted power supply to vital equipment, including instruments, industrial control computers and displays, PLC cabinets, excitation cabinets, and fire detection instruments. Power interruptions in critical devices can lead to personal injuries, significant environmental pollution, and substantial economic losses.




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