Quality and R & D

High Quality and Dedicated Service

Prostar is continuously working on product performance improvement, innovation, and research and development. Years of practical experience and close relationships with our customers and partners have established a solid foundation for us to develop and produce high-performance products.


The reliable and stable quality of Prostar products is key to our success. We organize production strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, control the production process, and strengthen product quality control. We use advanced SPC, TQM/TQC inspection methods to ensure that product quality meets international standards and customer requirements. Therefore, comprehensive quality management has become an integral part of Prostar's corporate culture, implemented in all business domains. From product design to finished product, we have always adhered to the principle of "quality is life". In the procurement of raw materials and components, Prostar has always insisted on using products from internationally renowned manufacturers with reliable quality, ensuring the high efficiency and high quality of Prostar products. Over the years, Prostar's products have been widely used around the world, meeting different demands from users with high reliability and durability.



Prostar R&D center has now built a relatively complete R&D system. We understand that the development and progress of the enterprise are closely related to product R&D and innovation. Therefore, we have always placed R&D at the core of corporate decision-making. The R&D center is Prostar's industrial technology research and development center, responsible for Prostar's core and cutting-edge technology research and development, new product development and industrial upgrading, and product structure adjustment.