With the rapid economic and social development and the increasing living standards of the people, the demand for sports has been growing. It is necessary to align the increasing spiritual and cultural needs with the current state of sports infrastructure, especially the need for multifunctional and high-end public sports facilities. These facilities not only meet the diverse sports activity needs of the people but also meet the requirements for the development of the sports industry. The construction of sports arenas is conducive to the development of the sports industry, improves the urban image, and meets the needs of mass sports activities. Intelligent sports arenas are high-tech products that integrate modern information, automatic control, and building engineering. They are built on a large-scale, software and hardware-compatible information infrastructure platform with high data centralization and real-time information processing requirements. The operation of intelligent sports arenas involves numerous sophisticated devices such as data centers, servers, routers, and terminals. Therefore, high power quality is required, leaving no room for any errors.


In recent years, China has hosted national and international major events such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. When hosting such sporting events, the power supply requirements for venues are extremely high. There are two main types of electrical equipment used in sports venues. One is for the monitoring systems of sports facilities, and the other is for metal halide lamps. Metal halide lamps are one of the largest power-consuming devices in sports venues and are primarily used for lighting purposes. Due to the unique characteristics of metal halide lamps, restarting them after a power outage requires a considerable amount of time. If a power outage occurs during a competition, it can significantly impact the continuity and fairness of the event.



Solution Characteristics



High Quality


The network infrastructure of the information center in a sports arena is undoubtedly a critical area of focus for power protection. As the "central hub" of the network, a sudden power outage can result in a disruption of network communication and damage to hardware devices such as switches and servers. Poor power quality can also lead to hardware damage or accelerated aging, increased data transmission error rates, and added network transmission burdens. Prostar low frequency UPS, utilizing online double-conversion technology, ensures high-quality power protection for any data processing or industrial load, particularly suitable for safeguarding critical loads.



Multiple Protections


The power protection targets for sports venues include low voltage systems such as information infrastructure systems, building equipment management systems, security technology systems, comprehensive application systems, and electronic equipment rooms. Additionally, there are intelligent systems such as video surveillance systems, electronic conference systems, video display systems, sound reinforcement systems, and centralized control systems. Other installations such as central air conditioning (fresh air) systems, professional lighting systems, and fire sprinkler systems also require power outage protection and voltage stabilization functions. Prostar low frequency UPS offers features such as filtering and anti-pulse interference, absorbing power grid disturbances like spikes and surges, providing high voltage stabilization accuracy, and is particularly suitable for areas with poor utility power quality.



Flexible Expansion


The power equipment in sports venues is scattered, and there are high deployment requirements. Prostar low frequency UPS can be redundantly parallel connected, enhancing power supply reliability and safety, and providing maximum power flexibility and scalability for core equipment. It supports parallel deployment of up to 8 UPS units, delivering efficient backup power to various terminal devices in the venue. With strong environmental adaptability, a wide input voltage and frequency range, and compatibility with various diesel generators, it significantly improves power reliability and effectively ensures the smooth progress of various exciting events in the sports arena.



Intelligent Monitoring


Continuously stable power supply is crucial during major sports events. Prostar conducted in-depth research on the needs of various venues and leveraged its technical expertise to provide comprehensive power system solutions. The Prostar intelligent monitoring system enables real-time monitoring of various systems' operation status, electricity usage tracking, and enhanced equipment value monitoring, ensuring uninterrupted power supply protection for the venue.



Scope of Application



Intelligent Monitoring
Security Surveillance System
Central Dispatch Monitoring System
Protective Fire Alarm Monitoring
Competition Venue Lighting
Safety Passage Lighting
Service Center Lighting





Intelligent Cloud Monitoring Platform



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