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In traditional industries, the steel industry is truly one of the pillars of the national economy, known as the "backbone" of manufacturing and the "food" of industry. However, for a long time, the traditional steel industry has faced challenges such as difficulty in improving production efficiency, high energy consumption, difficulty in quality control, high operating costs, and numerous hazardous scenarios. In the context of new era development requirements and the promotion of new technologies, green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, and lean manufacturing have become the mainstream direction for the transformation and upgrading of steel companies. For steel enterprises, data will become the core raw material and the most important asset, artificial intelligence will become advanced production tools, computing power will become advanced productive forces, and information and data will act in real-time on people, machines, materials, methods, and environments through communication networks, ultimately achieving intelligent manufacturing.




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The power supply for steel industry offices is an important guarantee for the normal operation of the entire steel industry's daily work, and the steel industry has extremely high requirements for power supply reliability and frequent expansion. Power outages can cause component damage and lead to partial paralysis of the entire steel production line. To ensure sufficient backup time, generators and utility power are used as the total power input. To ensure that critical loads will not be affected by power outages due to battery or internal module system failures, adopting Prostar industrial UPS uninterrupted power supply systems is an optimal solution for eliminating these failures.



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Power protection targets for steel production equipment include measuring instruments, various sensors, actuators and mechanisms, and underground safety alarm devices. Prostar industrial UPS can establish a three-dimensional power protection system for steel production equipment, ensuring that important loads such as computers continue to work normally within a certain period, effectively resisting dangers caused by grid disturbances such as data loss and loss of production process control, and effectively reducing maintenance service costs.



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The informatization of steel enterprises includes three levels: network platform, business platform, and enterprise application system, with both the business platform and enterprise application system built on the network platform. Therefore, network construction is of utmost importance. Building a safe and reliable basic power protection infrastructure is a necessary foundation for network construction. Prostar tailors specific UPS power supply solutions for the steel industry, significantly improving the power supply reliability of load equipment and comprehensively protecting various hardware devices, operating procedures, data, and data transmission of the entire steel enterprise information center.



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