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As various industries advance rapidly, numerous challenges arise within the power grid, including abnormal supply interruptions, voltage surges, unstable power, waveform distortion, frequency drift, and sustained overvoltage. These challenges can lead to malfunctions in computer network systems and laboratory equipment, communication failures, or more severe outcomes such as equipment damage, data loss, or system crashes, which can severely impact laboratory work and even lead to disastrous consequences.


Laboratories house diverse types of load equipment, encompassing standard loads like computers as well as inductive and capacitive loads. Both single-phase and three-phase power supply devices are present. Microelectronic instruments, including microbial electrical testers, spectrophotometers, and computers, demand high power quality. The frequent activation of high-power instruments can produce pulse voltages, potentially damaging components or causing reading fluctuations, data loss, and other issues. Consequently, the design of power supply systems in laboratory buildings differs from that of standard offices. Electrical loads in laboratories must not only accommodate sufficient surplus capacity for future development needs but also ensure highly reliable power protection.




Solution Characteristics



Safe and Reliable


Laboratories house a variety of load equipment, including standard loads such as computers and inductive and capacitive loads. Both single-phase and three-phase power supply devices are present, which require high power quality. Prostar industrial UPS power products employ DSP full digital control technology, effectively enhancing product performance and system reliability.



Multiple Protections


Laboratories are essential venues for teaching and research, outfitted with precision instruments like detection devices, testing equipment, and IT devices, which are widely used in experimental teaching. As is widely known, these precision instruments are highly sensitive to power quality issues, which can significantly affect their normal operation in cases of power outages or voltage instability. Prostar industrial UPS offers comprehensive protection functions, including input overload, short circuit, inverter overtemperature, battery undervoltage warning, and battery overcharging protections.



Flexible Expansion


Laboratory equipment comprises both single-phase and three-phase power supply devices. Prostar industrial UPS products include single-input single-output, three-input single-output, and three-input three-output configurations. With isolation transformers, these UPS products can prevent abnormal power supply impacts on loads while ensuring stable output power for load operation. By adopting digital control technology, they enable parallel expansion and redundancy functions, providing users with flexible power planning protection.



Cost Savings


The utilization rate of UPS power in laboratories is significantly higher than in daily life. Industrial UPS power products offer enhanced stability and impact resistance, leading to extended equipment lifespan and overall operational cost savings.





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