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Customs airports represent unique power systems where two critical IT power systems must be flawless: airport management and air traffic control. The efficient management of runways and the uninterrupted takeoff and landing of high-speed aircraft under all weather conditions require precise scheduling and coordination. Any oversight or error in air traffic control could result in catastrophic consequences. Consequently, the power supply for these command and control systems must operate without any margin for error, demanding the utmost reliability in normal power supply availability.




Solution Characteristics


High Reliability


In order to ensure that airport systems can continue to operate reliably in the event of main power interruptions or fluctuations, subsystems are responsible for supplying power to various equipment across the entire facility, including air traffic control towers, radar stations, beacon stations, and navigational lighting systems. Therefore, the power supply system demands extremely high reliability to provide continuous, efficient, safe, and dependable power supply for the smooth operation of loads. Prostar industrial-grade UPS incorporates an integrated output isolation transformer and multiple protection functions such as output overload protection, short-circuit protection, and battery overcharge protection, ensuring system stability and reliability.



High Efficiency


Airports consume a significant amount of electricity annually, resulting in substantial costs. Moreover, high power consumption does not align with national energy-saving and emission reduction requirements. Therefore, efficiency is of paramount importance when selecting electrical equipment, as it determines the annual power consumption of the equipment. Prostar industrial-grade UPS utilizes online double conversion technology with zero transfer time, achieving an online mode efficiency of up to 95%.



Real-time Monitoring


Abundant dry contact monitoring signals can be integrated into the power plant's own Distributed Control System (DCS) monitoring system. In case of any issues, timely reporting enables duty personnel to conduct real-time monitoring of UPS power supplies.



Industry Customization


Customs airports experience high passenger traffic, increasing the risk of accidents. To prevent incidents such as fires, explosions, and unexpected power outages, which can result in casualties and have societal impacts, it is crucial to provide reliable emergency backup power support for critical loads. This includes provisions for emergency lighting, evacuation signage, and ensuring sufficient illumination for accident evacuation. Prostar offers industry-specific UPS power supply solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of customs airports, featuring short switching times and strong stability, providing reliable power support for customs airports.




Scope of Application



Air Traffic Control Tower
Air Traffic Control
Security Systems
Emergency Lighting Systems
Navigational Lighting Systems
Radar Stations
Beacon Stations





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