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With the advent of the Information Age, the deployment of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems has broadened significantly, spanning a variety of sectors from the tech industry, financial sector, telecommunication infrastructures, to national security, aerospace, and transportation systems. Contemporary warfare has seen a substantial rise in the integration of information technology within different echelons of command and control platforms, diverse weapon systems, and soldier-level equipment. This escalating integration has driven an incessant surge in electricity demand. Absence of electricity could critically hamper the execution of military operations, with the assurance of power supply directly influencing the overall strategic scenario on the battlefield. Hence, UPS systems serve an indispensable role in the realm of defense and military applications.




Solution Characteristics


High Reliability


The power supply is a critical assurance for the proper functioning of daily defense and military operations. It serves as the communication medium between different departments and hierarchical levels. In this era of advanced information technology and interconnectedness, any power supply failures can result in significant losses to defense and military data and critical matters. Constructing a UPS power supply protection system is essential to ensure reliable defense and military operations. Prostar UPS employs online double conversion technology with standard output isolation transformers, achieving zero transfer time and an online mode efficiency of up to 95%.



Multi-functional Protection


Typical power supply protection in defense and military applications includes ground satellite receiving stations, radar navigation devices, central control systems, precision detection equipment, electronic surveillance and antivirus servers, and security equipment. UPS power supplies effectively safeguard the defense and military industry, reducing maintenance costs and mitigating the risk of data loss.



Intelligent Monitoring


Prostar UPS is equipped with USB and RS232 communication ports for comprehensive monitoring and communication with the UPS, facilitating data preservation and ensuring secure operation of IT systems. The ProstarIoT APP cloud monitoring system allows real-time UPS system monitoring, simplifying management.



Industry Customization


Prostar UPS uninterruptible power supply systems provide power protection solutions tailored to the defense and military industry, ensuring seamless power switching for equipment systems and maintaining the normal operation of data and military services. By minimizing costs and reducing manual maintenance, it ensures the safety of terminal equipment and system operations. It provides data support and serves as a decision-making basis for ensuring national security. 




Scope of Application



Ground Satellite Receiving Stations
Security Monitoring Systems
Base Central Control Systems
Radar Navigation Equipment
Emergency Lighting Systems





Intelligent Cloud Monitoring Platform



Prostar IoT


Public security and national defense

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