New Energy


The New Energy Industry refers to the sector and field that harnesses solar power, wind power, hydropower, geothermal energy, bioenergy, and other renewable energy sources, as well as new types of energy such as nuclear power, for power generation, energy storage, conversion, utilization, and sales. The new energy industry is one of the most vibrant, promising, and potential-filled sectors globally. It also serves as a crucial pathway in driving the global energy transition and addressing climate change.




Solution Characteristics


High Stability


The Prostar Industrial UPS uses internationally renowned key components and increases the redundancy of functional units to strengthen the system's impact resistance. In terms of manufacturing process, stricter shielding measures are applied to logic circuits and communication circuits. It is equipped with an output isolation transformer to enhance the system's electrical isolation performance, and built-in battery protection switch, input/output switch, static and maintenance bypass switch, among other protection switches. It can achieve zero-second switching to battery power supply, ensuring stable power voltage supply, guaranteeing that the power usage of equipment is not affected by power outages, thereby preventing production delays.



Multi-Functional Protection


The Prostar Industrial UPS is primarily designed for the new energy industry that requires high-precision and stable power supply. It can resolve situations such as power outages, over-voltage or under-voltage, instantaneous voltage drops or amplitude oscillations, high-voltage pulses, surge voltage, harmonic distortion, noise interference, and frequency fluctuations, providing users with safe and reliable power assurance.



High Efficiency and Energy Saving


The Prostar Industrial UPS is efficient and supports ECO mode. It has a built-in output isolation transformer and a quintuple filter, reducing the harmonic pollution of the UPS input current to the power grid, with harmonic content less than 10%, realizing the purpose of green power supply.



Intelligent Monitoring


The Prostar UPS is equipped with USB and RS232 communication ports, which can achieve comprehensive monitoring and communication with the UPS, to save data and ensure the safe operation of the IT system. Using the ProstarIoT APP cloud monitoring system, you can grasp the dynamics of the UPS system anytime and anywhere, making management easier and simpler.




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