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The electrical environment in the glass manufacturing industry is prone to issues such as high energy density, unstable grid, substantial electrical disturbances, unexpected power cuts, and scheduled outages for maintenance. Equipment used for process control is not only costly but also has stringent power requirements. Any disruption or anomaly in the power supply can damage expensive machinery, lead to the production of substandard or discarded goods, and might even result in significant safety incidents. Implementing a power protection system can mitigate and suppress equipment malfunctions, production halts, and data losses caused by voltage variations, surges, and spikes, preventing machinery downtime, decreased equipment availability, and financial losses. This approach reduces production downtime, eliminates the need for extra equipment, and enhances output and efficiency.


On sophisticated automated glass production lines, various production control and protection systems, production scheduling systems, and precise instruments are employed. These diverse production devices involve different load characteristics, requiring highly reliable power supply. Therefore, to avoid damage to automated equipment and loss of production data due to voltage instability or sudden power failures, equipping automated production lines with industrial-grade UPS power supplies is a standard choice for manufacturers.




Solution Characteristics




Prostar's Industrial UPS power supply provides stable power to glass tempering ovens and glass machine tools, countering issues such as voltage fluctuations, overvoltage, undervoltage, and sudden outages due to thunderstorms or other unpredictable interruptions. It offers uninterrupted power supply for 5 to 15 minutes during a power outage. If power delivery is interrupted due to thunderstorms, typhoons, or other unpredictable factors, Prostar's UPS seamlessly switches to battery power, ensuring a stable power supply for tempering ovens, machine tools, and control panels. This ensures operational continuity, preventing weather-related production delays.



Multifunctional Protection


Designed to cater to the needs of glass tempering ovens requiring high-precision and stable power, Prostar's Industrial UPS can manage various conditions such as power outages, over or under-voltage, instantaneous voltage drops or oscillations, high voltage pulses, surge voltages, harmonic distortions, noise interferences, and frequency fluctuations. This provides a safe and reliable power solution for users' glass tempering ovens.



Industry Customization


With a deep understanding of glass factory production processes and the specific power requirements of different stages, Prostar customizes UPS power solutions for the glass industry. Depending on the unique production requirements of glass tempering ovens and glass machine tools, Prostar offers specific models to match, even in scenarios severely affecting production, such as lightning strikes. Our in-depth understanding of glass production, dedication to technical and quality excellence, and prompt service response have earned the trust of glass manufacturing enterprises.



Flexible Expansion

As the business of glass manufacturing enterprises continues to grow, so will their information systems. Therefore, the uninterruptible power supply system should have good expandability. It should be able to conveniently expand and increase its flexibility to meet the needs of the future business development.




Scope of Application



Automatic Control System
Tempering Furnace
Glass Production Line
Data Center
Monitoring System





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