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The materials industry is a vital component of the manufacturing sector, encompassing a diverse array of products, including metallic materials, non-metallic materials, polymer materials, electronic materials, construction materials, and more. These materials are widely applied across various domains such as industry, construction, transportation, aerospace, medical, electronics, etc.

With the continuous evolution of technology and market trends, the development of the materials industry is consistently innovating and transforming. Currently, the materials industry is progressing towards high-tech, intelligent, and green development. High-tech refers to the development of new technologies and materials based on nanotechnology, ultrapurity, superhard, high strength, etc.; Intelligent refers to the functionalization, smartness, self-healing, and other new technologies and applications of materials; Green development primarily indicates progress in resource conservation, environmental protection, and the circular economy.




Solution Characteristics




The materials industry requires stable power protection to ensure the normal operation of equipment in case of unexpected situations such as power grid voltage fluctuations and momentary power outages. Prostar Industrial UPS provides stable power supply when power interruption occurs due to uncertain factors in the materials industry. When the external power grid is interrupted by factors such as thunderstorms, typhoons, and other unforeseen circumstances, the Prostar UPS switches to battery power supply in zero seconds, ensuring that power equipment is not affected by weather conditions and production is not delayed.





The materials industry is an essential part of the manufacturing sector, and the production environment in the industrial field is generally harsh. Factors such as dust, acid mist, high and low temperatures, dryness or excessive humidity pose higher environmental adaptability requirements for power supply equipment in the distribution system. With over two decades of UPS industry experience, Prostar offers single phase in-single phase out, three phase in-single phase out, and three phase in-three phase out industrial UPS products for the manufacturing industry, easily handling the aforementioned harsh environmental issues.



Energy Efficiency


The concept of energy conservation, emission reduction, and green environmental protection is increasingly valued in all domestic industries. Due to industry characteristics, it is crucial for the materials industry to choose UPS with high energy efficiency characteristics to reduce the operation cost of UPS power supply in the industry. Prostar Industrial UPS is highly efficient, supports ECO mode, built-in output isolation transformer, five-stage filter, reduces the harmonic pollution of UPS input current on the power grid, the harmonic content is less than 10%, achieving the purpose of green power supply.



Intelligent Monitoring


Prostar has configured ProstarIoT intelligent remote cloud monitoring management according to the actual application and management needs of the UPS power supply in the materials industry. It achieves centralized management of multiple UPS devices on a unified platform, intuitively reads various parameters and real-time operating status of the UPS system, utilizes the function of administrator authority to further ensure the safety and confidentiality of government informatization equipment. In case of abnormalities such as power outages, immediate text message and voice alarms are sent, allowing administrators to handle it promptly.



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