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Government agencies serve as office institutions dedicated to serving the public. With the continuous development of society, the information processing volume of government agencies has been increasing. Traditional paper-based office processing methods have gradually become inadequate to meet the needs of the evolving times. E-government is a large-scale system engineering project that aims to achieve government informatization. It involves the coexistence of an intranet (government office) and an extranet (public services), enabling internal information exchange and resource sharing within the government while providing services to the public. In recent years, the government has accelerated its level of informatization, with important development directions focusing on "government transparency, advancing e-government, and accelerating government informatization construction."


As a functional institution responsible for economic, security, and political social services and management, the government has increasingly stringent and pressing requirements for power protection due to the development of office automation and government informationization, as well as the strengthened awareness of serving society. 




Solution Characteristics


Green and Environmental Protection


Government administrative systems come in various forms and sizes, each with different power consumption levels. Prostar industrial-grade UPS units provide uninterrupted and clean power to the load devices while also prioritizing efficient utilization of grid electricity. They effectively reduce and mitigate grid harmonic pollution, ensuring a favorable environment for the reliable operation of critical loads and playing a leading role in environmental protection and energy conservation.



Stability and Reliability


Government e-government systems handle large volumes of sensitive data every day, making reliability and stability of the power supply crucial. Prostar industrial-grade UPS units employ advanced phase balancing technology for excellent stability and are equipped with output isolation transformers for strong interference resistance, thus adapting to frequent load changes.



Intelligent Monitoring


Government systems have complex and dynamic structures, often distributed across different locations. Prostar addresses the practical application and management needs of UPS power supplies in government systems through their Prostar Intelligent Remote Cloud Monitoring and Management. This solution enables centralized management of multiple UPS devices on a unified platform, providing administrators with intuitive access to UPS parameters and real-time operational status. The system also features administrator privileges, ensuring the security and confidentiality of government informatization equipment. In the event of abnormal conditions such as power outages, instant SMS and voice alerts are triggered, enabling administrators to respond promptly.



Industry Customization


Prostar UPS power supplies offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs and high-security requirements of government systems. By providing customized government agency UPS power supplies that meet the unique power protection needs of government equipment, Prostar ensures compatibility with the requirements of terminal devices and systems in government organizations.




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Surveillance Equipment
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