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As the rollout of 5G technology accelerates, a surge of innovative applications in the fields of IoT and AI is taking place. Consequently, the size of data centers in the telecommunications sector is projected to grow exponentially in the near future, leading to a significant increase in investment costs, such as the number of IT equipment and the land area required. In this context, all telephone and network service providers, remote communication stations, broadcasting and television stations, and satellite stations require comprehensive design strategies for their entire network power supply systems. The objective is to achieve a power supply protection plan that ensures high reliability, availability, and security, guaranteeing the safe, fast, and dependable processing and transmission of network data flows.




Solution Characteristics




The telecommunications sector demands power protection for a range of devices including computer terminals, servers, routers, switches, monitors, and disk storage arrays, among others. Power supply has transitioned from being decentralized through small UPS systems to being centralized through large UPS systems. To ensure the reliability of power supply, Prostar UPS utilizes an N+1 parallel hot backup system or even a dual-bus UPS system.




In the era of 5G, numerous applications require instantaneous computing, underpinned by the low latency that 5G technology offers. This necessitates an extremely high density of base stations and real-time computing power, a requirement that is widely recognized within the industry for data centers. In this context, Prostar modular UPS, employing an online double conversion technology, achieves an operational efficiency of up to 94.5% and helps mitigate pollution to the power grid.



Customization for the Industry

Considering the specific needs of the telecommunications industry, the high-security assurance requirements, and the characteristics of integrated machine room solutions, Prostar provides specialized UPS power solutions. These solutions are designed to better adapt to the needs of terminal equipment and systems and meet the unique power assurance requirements of telecommunications equipment. 




Scope of Application



Telecommunication Base Stations
Network Equipment
Radar Equipment
Data Centers





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Communication industry

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