Smart Education | Prostar UPS Power Solution Empowers Southwest Jiaotong University's Smart Infrastructure

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Chengdu, China - Southwest Jiaotong University, a renowned national key university, has partnered with Prostar, a leading provider of power solutions, to enhance its campus-wide intelligent information infrastructure. The university, known for its prestigious academic programs and research, has recently implemented Prostar UPS Power Solution to ensure reliable and uninterrupted power supply.



With the rapid advancements in computer technology, multimedia, networking, and intelligent building systems, higher education institutions are embracing digital transformation in their teaching methods, learning environments, and overall campus development. The concept of a smart campus has emerged as a prominent trend, integrating modern information technology, automation, and architectural engineering on a large-scale, compatible information infrastructure platform. Southwest Jiaotong University, situated in Chengdu, a city renowned for its historical and cultural significance, has embraced this transformative vision for its campus.


The operation of a smart campus involves a multitude of precision devices, including data centers, servers, routers, and terminals, which demand high data concentration and real-time information processing. Consequently, ensuring a high-quality power supply has become paramount, leaving no room for errors or disruptions.


Prostar UPS Power Solution has been successfully deployed at Southwest Jiaotong University, addressing the university's power protection needs. The system combines advanced IGBT technology with high-frequency pulse width modulation (PWM), guaranteeing customers receive high-quality voltage output and improved operational efficiency across various load conditions. The solution's advanced modular design reduces average repair time and simplifies maintenance procedures. Leveraging cutting-edge phase balancing technology, it ensures stability and the ability to operate seamlessly even in the absence of a phase, making it particularly suitable for challenging power environments.


The Prostar UPS system boasts double conversion and pure online sinusoidal waveform output, delivering low distortion and reliable power supply to safeguard critical loads. Equipped with an isolation transformer, it ensures complete separation between the load and the utility power grid. This comprehensive protection not only guarantees safe operation in adverse conditions but also provides optimal support for office automation, critical networks, security applications, and industrial operations.


The education sector, including Southwest Jiaotong University, seeks to streamline system complexity and optimize resource allocation for system management and maintenance. The campus encompasses various areas such as teaching buildings, offices, and multimedia classrooms, equipped with numerous computers, communication devices, and multimedia equipment. Prostar UPS solution incorporates advanced features like filtering and pulse interference immunity, effectively mitigating power grid disturbances such as spikes and surges. Its high voltage stabilization accuracy makes it particularly suitable for regions with unstable power environments. Additionally, the solution offers remote monitoring and management capabilities, empowering users in the education industry to efficiently oversee and control their power infrastructure.


The implementation of Prostar UPS Power Solution at Southwest Jiaotong University reflects the institution's commitment to providing a technologically advanced learning environment. By ensuring reliable power supply and protection for its intelligent information infrastructure, the university aims to enhance the overall learning experience and facilitate the seamless integration of technology in education.




Application Product


6000 Series Low Frequency Online UPS 1-30kVA (1/1 3/1)


Features Introduction


● Multiple groups of CPU intelligent control, precisely control the parameters of UPS and its full control
● Humanized display interface to quickly understand the operating status of UPS
● Output isolation low frequency transformer, strong anti-interference ability
● High intelligence network control, more suitable for decentralized users to centralized manage
● Advanced phase balanced technology, suitable for working in harsh power environment
● Good load compatibility, can be applied to various types of loads
● Not principal and subordinate parallel technology, it can be arbitrarily online parallel expansion or N+1 redundancy in parallel
● Intelligent battery management to extend battery life