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Zoucheng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (Zoucheng Shuhe Hospital) was founded in 1983. It is a comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, prevention, health care, disability assistance and elderly care. It is the national "Class II and Class A Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital", the Shandong Provincial Preventive Health Care Service Center of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Shandong Provincial Training Base for Appropriate Technologies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Jining designated hospital for rehabilitation of poor disabled people Zoucheng City Training Base for Appropriate Techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
The current address of the hospital covers an area of 12000 square meters and has fixed assets of 70.56 million yuan. There are 475 staff of all kinds, including 388 health technicians, 32 senior professional titles, 106 intermediate professional titles, 1 grass-roots TCM in Shandong Province, 4 junior TCM in Jining City, 2 young and middle-aged TCM in Jining City, 1 famous doctor in Jining City, 6 famous TCM in Zoucheng City, and 30 postgraduate students. There are 16 clinical departments, including internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics and trauma, oncology, anorectal, acupuncture and massage, critical medicine, emergency, and physical examination; There are 6 medical technology departments such as Imaging Department, Laboratory Department and Ultrasound Department, with 340 beds. It is equipped with 126 sets of large-scale medical equipment with more than 10000 yuan, such as American Varian linear accelerator, GE16-row spiral CT, GE digital gastrointestinal machine, DR, B-ultrasound, gastrointestinal electronic endoscope, laparoscopy, automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic hemorheology tester, etc. The Endocrinology Department is the provincial key specialty, the Stroke Department, the Tumor Department, the Anorectal Department, the Orthopedic Department, the Acupuncture and Massage Department, the Spleen and Stomach Department, and the Minimally Invasive Surgery Department are the key specialties of Jining City, and the Critical Medicine Department, the Pulmonary Disease Department, the Emergency Department, and the Laboratory Department are the key specialties of Zoucheng City. It has established a multi-disciplinary treatment model (MDT) centered on patients with digestive system tumors, and made every effort to build a cancer treatment center integrating traditional Chinese medicine, treatment, chemotherapy, surgery and hospice care. The prevention and health care service center of traditional Chinese medicine (with a building area of 8000 square meters), which focuses on the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine culture and rehabilitation, prevention, health care and prevention of disease, is currently undergoing reinforcement, renovation and decoration; The social welfare center (with a building area of 12000 square meters), which is mainly for the elderly and the disabled and supplemented by medical treatment, is currently under construction; After the completion of all the construction, the hospital's business room area reached 32000 square meters, the number of established beds reached 400, and the number of nursing beds reached 240. The hospital's infrastructure has been greatly improved, and the service functions of medical teaching, scientific research, rehabilitation, elderly care and disability assistance have been greatly improved, so as to better provide high-quality, efficient and convenient services for the people.
Baoxing High Frequency UPS has successfully entered Zoucheng Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This series of complete machines adopts high-speed intelligent CPU control, 50/60Hz frequency conversion technology, and is configured with USB, RS232, RJ45, SNMP and other communication methods. The output power factor is 0.8, the wide input voltage range (110V-300V), the ECO economic operation mode is efficient and energy-saving, the EPO emergency shutdown function, the detection and protection functions are complete, the volume is small, the weight is light, the work efficiency is high, and the proper parallel redundancy planning enables the key loads to obtain uninterrupted high-quality power supply.



Application products


金星系列高频型UPS 1-10kVA (1:1)



Performance characteristics


● Truly realize online double conversion
● Microprocessor control ensures high reliability
● Input power factor correction function
● Ultra-wide mains power input range (110V-300V)
● Efficient frequency conversion mode
● Compatible with generator input
● Optional USB, RS232, RJ45 and SNMP communication modes



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