Petroleum pipeline electrical equipment management



Oil pipeline is the main way to transport oil. Whether the pipeline can operate safely directly affects the quality of oil transportation. In order to ensure the normal operation of the input pipeline, more and more electrical equipment is used in the oil pipeline transportation. These equipment replace the previous manual inspection and reduce the work intensity of pipeline maintenance personnel. Usually, during the operation of the electrical equipment of the oil pipeline, enterprises need to monitor the operation of the electrical equipment in real time. Once problems are found, they need to be solved in time to avoid the occurrence of safety incidents. At the same time, they should also focus on the management of electrical equipment that is prone to damage. In addition, as soon as the electrical equipment of the oil pipeline is found to be abnormal, professional personnel should be sent to the site immediately to carry out a more comprehensive inspection of the faulty equipment and deal with the faults that can be solved on the site. For those faults that cannot be solved on the site, relevant protective measures should be listed to ensure that the faults are controlled within the safe range, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the oil pipeline.





Baoxing Zhilian - petroleum pipeline electrical equipment safety management solution



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