Electrical equipment management in precision manufacturing plant


As an important place for chip production, large-scale chip manufacturing plant is one of the most important management projects to ensure the safe and stable operation of power supply and distribution system in the plant. Because the energy power of the whole plant is provided through the power grid, and the eastern coastal areas often encounter extreme weather such as typhoons and thunderstorms in summer, which will lead to abnormal power supply of the power grid. A short voltage sag and sag event may cause the production suspension of the plant. A short power outage will destroy the chip manufacturing for a long time, even damage the equipment, and bring huge economic losses to the enterprise. Therefore, a successful semiconductor chip factory is a distribution infrastructure that can cope with future trends and ensure reliable power supply through careful design and 24-hour uninterrupted monitoring of the power supply system of key production equipment.
The chip manufacturing process is extremely complex, and the manufacturing of circuits in the chip needs to be iterative and interlinked. The whole chip processing process has hundreds of processes, and the processing error of any process will lead to the scrapping of the entire chip. Power supply problems such as power failure or voltage sag can lead to the cancellation of batches of semiconductors, and the cost of power failure is quite high. Therefore, the power quality of power supply and distribution for chip manufacturing enterprises needs to reach a higher level. Through more complete power management, such unexpected downtime can be reduced, and unexpected manufacturing costs can be avoided. Having reliable and flexible dispatching power is the key to avoid power interference, reduce costs, and improve efficiency and productivity.
At present, due to the lack of understanding of the internal production of semiconductor chip manufacturing plants, the domestic power supply departments can only provide power supply schemes according to general standards, but the power supply quality requirements of semiconductor chip manufacturing plants are high. Therefore, the internal departments responsible for the management of the power supply and power of the plants will generally be based on the existing power supply and distribution and standard monitoring systems, Then install the online power quality monitoring system provided by a third-party professional manufacturer. Only when semiconductor chip factories can obtain power with high reliability, high quality and high availability from their own distribution network can they respond to the ever-changing needs more quickly.
At present, semiconductor chip manufacturing enterprises have mature power supply system solutions, such as the use of dual-way power supply, the factory's own emergency power supply (diesel generator backup power supply or UPS) to reduce the impact of power supply problems. Semiconductor factories can also use power monitoring solutions and power metering to improve performance. In addition, professional and comprehensive power monitoring can provide further information on power system status, energy efficiency and power quality management, and help semiconductor chip manufacturers make decisions to improve performance. The metering architecture of the facility can optimize the reading of information in various parts of the facility. For example, the power metering and monitoring solution can focus on the consumption of energy equivalent value (kWh) related to semiconductor manufacturing equipment and confirm the improvement of energy efficiency; The energy and power management department of the factory can detect small power quality events or problems in the power system in advance and prevent them from happening through real-time monitoring of power quality.





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