Intelligent blood station solution

Blood is the source of life, and intellectualization is the new impetus for its development. From the beginning of its establishment, the blood station, together with the military station and the communication station, has been attributed to the combat readiness unit. It is not only responsible for the blood safety of millions of patients every year, but also serves as a guarantee for possible wars and public emergencies. From collection to final use, blood should go through a lot of steps, such as preliminary screening collection, preparation of blood components, centralized detection of retained samples, verification and delivery of test results, warehousing of finished products in the cold chain, hospital application, cold chain distribution of blood stations, and delivery of hospital matching to the clinic. Problems in any link will lead to blood safety accidents. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things technology, the relevant management departments also put forward higher requirements for the management of blood station infrastructure. At present, the management of blood station infrastructure relies heavily on manual operation, and the blind area of supervision due to lack of technical support makes the safety problems caused by improper blood collection, preparation, storage, transportation, etc. can not be detected in time. Once a blood transfusion safety accident occurs, it will bring great negative social impact to the blood station. Therefore, the mature intelligent blood station infrastructure operation and maintenance management platform has great strategic significance.






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