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In the era of the Internet of Things, the popularity of mobile intelligent devices is gradually changing all aspects of our lives. For the financial industry, users want to be able to enjoy a variety of convenient financial services, including consumption, payment, credit, and even wealth management and other financial service products, regardless of time and location. Convenient, efficient and safe financial services are the biggest demands of users, so the competition pattern of the banking industry has also developed into unprecedented challenges. The tide of science and technology will sweep through the traditional financial industry, making the traditional banking services quietly changing. A new smart bank with "smart" as the trend is emerging, and its perception of customers' intelligent services is an important link, Customer service innovation has obviously become the primary goal of global banking enterprises, and the application of new technologies is the core strategy of the future development of traditional banks.

Traditional banks around the world are facing transformation and upgrading, and users have become the focus of the transformation strategy of the banking industry. Through the combination of transformation of business processes, smart devices and business outlets, users can bring high-quality service experience. From the technical point of view, to complete such an innovation, it is necessary to rely on a "smart bank" system as support, utilize the combination of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data, deploy more intelligent devices, optimize the existing IT network environment, truly improve the efficiency of bank operation, and realize innovation in products, services, etc., which is particularly important for traditional banks.

Smart banks need to further integrate with technology, use technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data and cloud computing to improve the efficiency of financial services, whether it is business reservation, electronic form and information release, mobile office, etc., connect data through technologies such as the Internet of Things, analyze customers through data, or perceive customers' needs, and optimize, design and transform processes to improve operational efficiency, Improve customer experience and customer satisfaction.









































































































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