Centralized monitoring and management of catering stores


With the intensification of competition in the retail industry, many enterprises, such as catering, supermarket, clothing and pharmaceutical enterprises, tend to choose the business model of chain operation in order to pursue brand benefits, scale benefits and improve market competitiveness.
As a modern business operation mode and organizational form, chain operation is the third revolution in the field of commercial circulation after department stores and supermarkets. Chain operation enterprises generally have dozens or even hundreds of chain stores. The continuous expansion of the business scale has made the distribution mode of chain stores across provinces and cities gradually become the normal mode of chain store operation.
Due to the scattered geographical location, it is not conducive to safety and daily operation and management. Take a catering brand as an example. Due to the large number of chain stores and frequent personnel exchanges, the management will encounter problems such as staff absence, customer disputes, goods damage and loss, and theft at night. Relying on manual inspection is costly and not comprehensive, so deploying monitoring system becomes a good choice.


















































Baoxing Zhilian Cloud Monitoring Solution



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