Supermarket electrical equipment management



The electrical equipment of large supermarkets mainly includes air conditioning units, air conditioners, water pumps, lighting and fresh power, among which the power supply related to fire fighting such as fire pump, spray pump, fire shutter door and smoke exhaust fan belongs to Class I load, the lighting, accident lighting and weak current power supply in the business area belongs to Class I load, the escalator belongs to Class II load, and the rest of the cashier system, security system, etc. belong to Class III load. Therefore, the regional power supply department is generally required to provide two 10KV power supplies as the main power supply. Two transformers and low-voltage connections are set in the substation and distribution station. On this basis, diesel generators can be added as the standby power supply according to the owner's requirements. The capacity of diesel generator includes refrigeration equipment, weak current equipment, important processing equipment in the fresh food processing area, and equipment used in the supermarket logistics system.





Baoxing Zhilian - supermarket electrical equipment management solution



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