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The water utility industry refers to the sector and field that provides freshwater resources and related water services to the public and for industrial use. The primary task of the water industry is to manage and maintain water resources, ensuring their safe, reliable, and sustainable delivery to users. The water industry mainly includes operations in water source development, water resource management, tap water supply, wastewater treatment, drainage management, and water environment protection.

With the growth of economy and population, the contradiction between the supply and demand of water resources has become increasingly prominent, and water quality and environmental issues have become the focus of societal attention. The water industry plays a vital role in ensuring public water demand, maintaining the balance of the water environment ecology, and promoting sustainable urban development. The development of the water industry has also become one of the important tasks of national and local governments.




Solution Characteristics



High Reliability


All the high-precision equipment within the water plant requires the support and integration of power system technology. Choosing a UPS product with fewer failures, longer lifespan, and high performance can satisfy the stringent filtration technology requirements and resource recycling efficiency of the water plant, thereby truly achieving the goals of energy saving and environmental protection. The Prostar Industrial UPS uses key components from international brands and increases the redundancy of functional units, strengthening the system's impact resistance.



Power Supply Assurance


The power supply of the central computer room is a critical guarantee for the normal operation of the entire water conservancy work, and the water industry requires extremely high reliability and frequent capacity expansion for power supply. To ensure that important loads will not be cut off due to faults, the Prostar UPS uses online double conversion technology, comes standard with an output isolation transformer, has zero switching time, and an online mode efficiency of up to 95%. It has multiple communication interfaces for interlocking control with equipment.



Flexible Expansion


Modernization and intelligent construction of equipment and management according to the water project is an inevitable trend of historical development. The uninterruptible power supply system should have good scalability. It should be able to conveniently expand and increase flexibility of use according to the needs of future business development.



Industry Customization


Prostar is fully aware of the power needs of the water industry, and the impact of the match between UPS and equipment on work, so it tailor-makes water industry-specific UPS power solutions for the water industry.




Scope of Application



Water Plant
Water Resource Information Center
Provincial Government and Meteorological Department
Water Resource Command Center
Water Resource Dispatch Center





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