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Security and surveillance systems have extensive applications and are progressively becoming more intelligent, integrated, and network-centric. The significance of these systems is unquestionable, and the UPS power supply, serving as a vital device for providing uninterrupted power in security and surveillance systems, is especially critical.


These security and surveillance systems are predominantly deployed in a variety of settings, including commercial buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, campuses, banks, highways, among others. Considering the high public significance of these locations, the process of choosing and configuring their emergency power sources should be meticulously conducted.


With the increasing incorporation of computer technology in security and surveillance systems, there is a rising demand for high-quality power supply. A UPS not only thoroughly enhances the quality of power supply, offering comprehensive protection for the entire system and network data, but it also guarantees continuous normal operation in the event of power outages or intentional sabotage.




Solution Characteristics


Reliability and Security


The UPS power source is situated within the control room, providing unified management. In instances of municipal power anomalies, it promptly delivers an uninterrupted power supply to all the devices within the system, ensuring the system's normal functioning while mitigating human sabotage, preserving confidentiality, and facilitating maintenance.



Multiple Layers of Protection


The UPS power source serves as the pivotal "heart" supplying power to the security and surveillance system, offering a continuous, stable, and uninterrupted power supply. It also addresses issues such as power failures, voltage dips, power surges, oscillations, power disturbances, power spikes, power fluctuations, transient switching, and harmonic distortions induced by subpar municipal power quality, thereby safeguarding electrical appliances from damage.



Intelligent Monitoring


Equipped with USB and RS232 communication ports, Prostar UPS facilitates comprehensive monitoring and communication with the UPS to safeguard data and ensure the secure operation of IT systems. Utilizing the ProstarIoT APP for cloud-based monitoring, it allows for real-time access to UPS system updates, simplifying the overall management process.



Convenient Installation


To adapt to the evolving information technology landscape, Prostar UPS power devices support direct power parallel connections during the construction and future development of the security and surveillance room. This reduces the reliance on real-time data exchanges between devices while minimizing faults, enhancing performance, and simplifying design and functionalities.




Scope of Application



IT Server Room
Security System
Monitoring Service Station





Intelligent Cloud Monitoring Platform



Prostar IoT


Security monitoring

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