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A stable, dependable, and clean power source is fundamental for the seamless, regular, and high-performance operation of financial networks. The hierarchical structure of financial institutions typically consists of the headquarters, provincial branches, city branches, county sub-branches, local offices, savings banks, self-service kiosks, and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs). UPS systems are primarily deployed to safeguard the power supply of critical business systems. This is particularly true for the operations at the bank's headquarters or provincial branches, where there is a stringent demand for an unerring power supply, with zero tolerance for abrupt interruptions.




Solution Characteristics


Smart Monitoring


The acceleration of service delivery in banking branches can be partly attributed to the integration of various smart devices (ATMs, automated payment machines, smart ticketing machines, etc.). Nonetheless, any power disruptions in these smart devices could, at the very least, affect services and generate adverse effects, or worse, provoke significant security incidents resulting in severe repercussions. Recognizing the practical application and management needs of UPS power at banking branches, Prostar has employed the ProstarIoT platform for remote cloud-based monitoring and management. This setup allows for the centralized oversight of multiple UPS devices across various brands on a single platform. It provides an intuitive interface for reading a wide range of UPS system parameters and real-time operating status. Leveraging the functionality of administrative privileges, the platform further secures the safety and confidentiality of banking equipment. In the event of anomalies like power outages, the system triggers immediate text or voice alerts, facilitating timely response by administrators.



Superior Overall Efficiency


The electrical consumption of a bank's IT data center is considerable, leading to substantial yearly electrical expenses. Thus, when choosing electrical equipment, efficiency is an essential criterion. Prostar high-frequency UPS implements online double-conversion technology, offering zero conversion time and an impressive online mode efficiency of up to 97%.



Space Conservation


The power safeguarding requirements for critical banking equipment necessitate UPS systems that are both compact and lightweight, yet robust enough to fulfill the data center's load-bearing prerequisites. Given the limited space in data centers, it's vital to choose equipment that is compact and lightweight without compromising on quality, to optimize data center space utilization.



Customized for the Industry


Prostar UPS delivers tailored solutions for the financial sector, acknowledging the scattered distribution of branches, large quantities, and intense maintenance density. These solutions satisfy the sector's unique power protection needs, ensuring seamless power supply transition for equipment and systems, thereby safeguarding the uninterrupted and secure operation of data and customer services.




Scope of Application



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Radar Equipment
Data Centers





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