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As computer, multimedia, network, and intelligent building technologies advance rapidly, higher education institutions have experienced transformations in teaching paradigms, methodologies, learning approaches, and educational environments. The development of campus informatization has become a prevailing trend in contemporary university construction. An intelligent campus represents the convergence of state-of-the-art technologies in information, automation, and construction engineering, and is established on a large-scale, software and hardware compatible information infrastructure platform. This system necessitates high levels of data centralization and real-time information processing, involving numerous sophisticated devices such as data centers, servers, routers, and terminals. Consequently, the power supply quality requirements are exceptionally stringent, allowing no room for errors.




Solution Characteristics



High-Quality Protection


The network infrastructure of an educational institution's information center is undoubtedly a key focus for power supply protection. As the central hub of the network, unexpected power outages can cause communication disruptions and damage hardware, such as switches and servers. Insufficient power quality can lead to accelerated deterioration or damage to network equipment, increased data transmission error rates, and added network transmission load. Prostar high-power, high-frequency UPS utilizes online double-conversion technology, ensuring superior power protection for any data processing or industrial application, particularly for safeguarding critical loads.


Scalable Solutions


The increasing demand for educational informatization necessitates continuous expansion and updates to data centers. However, schools face spatial constraints, requiring rapid expansion and renovation during school breaks. Prostar modular UPS data center solution offers rapid deployment, minimal footprint, low energy consumption, and easy scalability.



Comprehensive Protection


Educational institutions require power protection for various facilities, including classrooms, offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, libraries, and multimedia classrooms. Devices such as high-end computers, entry-level servers, and workgroup-level servers necessitate power outage protection and voltage regulation. Prostar UPS provides filtering and anti-pulse interference capabilities, absorbing power spikes, surges, and other grid disturbances while maintaining high voltage regulation accuracy, making it especially suitable for areas with poor grid conditions.


Customized for Education


Educational users aim to minimize system complexity and conserve human and material resources for system management and maintenance. For the numerous computers, communication, and multimedia devices distributed across campus facilities, Prostar high-frequency UPS offers advanced filtering and anti-pulse interference functions. Capable of absorbing power spikes, surges, and other grid disturbances, it provides high voltage regulation accuracy, making it particularly suitable for areas with poor grid conditions. Additionally, Prostar high-frequency UPS features remote monitoring and management capabilities, making it the optimal choice for educational industry users. This tailored solution addresses the unique needs of the education sector, ensuring reliable power protection and efficient resource management.





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