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In response to the requirements of small offices and home offices, which include personal computers and peripheral devices, the increasing presence of entertainment equipment and media centers has led to a higher demand for quality power supply solutions. Users seek uninterrupted power supply that safeguards against power outages, surges, and other electrical issues. The objective is to prevent data loss, file corruption, unstable lighting, hardware damage, and equipment shutdowns or interlocks, thereby protecting the equipment from disruptions and power interruptions.




Solution Characteristics


Low Energy Consumption


In terms of environmental considerations, businesses bear an inescapable responsibility for resource and environmental sustainability. Fulfilling environmental responsibilities through technological innovation can not only reduce potential pollution resulting from production activities but also lower energy consumption, conserve resources, and decrease production costs, thus enhancing product price competitiveness. Therefore, selecting energy-efficient Prostar UPS solutions that provide high-performance power protection becomes increasingly crucial.



Small Footprint


UPS units with compact dimensions can be easily installed in office environments without causing any disruptions to users. Consequently, they can be placed in any location within the office space.



Low Noise


In workspaces, particularly in home offices, the quiet operation of equipment is highly important. Hence, Prostar UPS is equipped with advanced microprocessor control systems that reduce fan speed and turn them off when not required. The use of high-frequency components enables the UPS to operate silently.



Intelligent Monitoring


Prostar UPS units are equipped with USB and RS232 communication ports, enabling comprehensive monitoring and communication with the UPS for data preservation and secure operation of IT systems. By utilizing the ProstarIoT APP cloud monitoring system, users can monitor the dynamic status of the UPS system anytime, anywhere, simplifying management.




Scope of Application



Intelligent Monitoring
Personal Computers
Entertainment Devices
Office Equipment
Surveillance Systems 





Intelligent Cloud Monitoring Platform



Prostar IoT


Commercial office

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