Prostar 20KVA UPS Systems Applied to Zambia Mines Monitoring Equipment

Prostar 20KVA UPS Systems Applied to Zambia Mines Monitoring Equipment



Product Detail

Zambia UPSZambia UPSZambia UPSZambia UPSZambia UPSZambia UPSZambia UPSZambia UPS

Prostar 20KVA UPS Systems Applied to Zambia Mines Monitoring Equipment

Project Location:Zambia

Zambia UPSZambia UPS

Application Products:

6000 Series Low Frequency Online UPS



Battery Voltage: 192V

Phase: Three phase ins / Single phase outs

Mine Field UPSMine Field UPS


Product Introduction:

6000 Series Low Frequency Online UPS has been designed as combined advanced IGBT technology with hi-frequency wider-modulated technology (PWM), which make customer could obtain hi-quality power output and optimized efficiency under each operation load. And the advanced modular design to reduce the average time to repair (MTTR), and the best maintenance.It also with the most advanced phase-balanced technology, and it features best stability, even if loss-phase, it could still operate at normal condition, so it’s suitable for any worse power supply.Double conversion, pure sine wave output line design could supply the low-distortion pure sine wave power, so it can provide the best power protection to the users’ equipment And with the isolated output transformer, which ensure that the entire the isolation of the load and public electric.


Preformance Characteristics: 

1. Intelligent control of multiple CPU

Groups of new microprocessor (CPU) co-ordination,which can precisely control the parameters of UPS and its full control,providing sufficient computing power, to ensure UPS always in top working condition. 

2. Humanized display interface

LCD dot matrix display,which visually indicated the UPS’s operating parameters.LED  displays the working status of UPS,and the LCD + LED combinations could make you get the UPS running status clearly and quickly.

3. High-intelligence network control

Through the communication interface,with the monitoring software,which can directly monitor UPS on the computer,simplified power management;optional adapter remote monitor (SNMP card),with a variety of operating system and application software,as well as TCP / IP , SNMP,HTTP and other protocol support,which meets the users′requirements to monitor UPS via network, this is more suitable for decentralized users to centralized manage,thereby achieving the real global Management.

4. Not principal and subordinate type, but adaptive parallel technology

It has strong ability in parallel and does not need to set the quantity of parallel,  it can be arbitrary online parallel expansion or N + 1 redundancy in parallel. Parallel UPS will  share the same group batteries.

5. Intelligent battery management

Adopts a three-stage charging method, which is good for recovery for the deep discharge of the battery.Independent current sharing and parallel charger, which can increase he capacity according to request.It can guarantee the charging request for the long backup UPS system.With the battery reverse connect protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection, and other functions.

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