Prostar 160KVA Online UPS Applied to Hospital MRI Room

Prostar 160KVA Online UPS Applied to Hospital MRI Room



Product Detail

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Prostar 160KVA Online UPS Applied to Network Computer Room

Application Products:

Uranus Series Low Frequency Online UPS



Battery Voltage: 480V

Phase: Three phase ins / Three phase outs

Low Frequcncy UPSLow Frequcncy Online UPSThree Phase UPSOnline UPS

Product Introduction:

Uranus Series Low Frequency Online UPS is adopting the technology , which combined with the world’s most advanced DSP digital control technology currently, and IGBT high frequency Pulse Width Modulation technique (PWM).Double-conversion online topology design makes the output frequency of UPS, which used for tracking, phase-locking, voltage regulator and filter out noise, interference from the power grid fluctuations in pure sine wave power supply, and make the UPS more comprehensive and perfectly protection for the users. After Prostar R&D center elaborative designed for more than 10 yeas, Prostar has designed a modular structure, whose overall operation is 5 times more reliable and stable performance than regular UPS, MTBF is over 300,000 hours.


Preformance Characteristics:

1) DSP digital control technology
2) Advanced IGBT inverter technology
3) Pure-online double conversion technology
4) Perfect protection
5) Powerful Redundant Parallel Connection Function
6) Powerful communication system
7) Low-power dissipation but high-efficiency
8) Prediction warning system
9) Humanized panel display
10) Super-strong environment adaptability
11) Powerful Overload Ability

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