PLS HV Series Wall Stand Lithium Battery System Catalogue (10KWh-25KWh)

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PLS HV Series Wall Stand Lithium Battery System


204.8V 10KWh / 307.2V 15KWh / 409.6V 20KWh / 512V 25KWh




Features Introduction



1.LiFePO4 is used as positive material, long cycle life and good safety performance

2.Cycle life is no less than 6000 cycles @80% DOD, 0.5C

3.BMS offers voltage, current, temperature protection and alarm functions

4.BMS unit measures current, voltage, cell temperature end ambient temperature

5.Compact stack design, 5kWH/102.4V per module

6.Easy installation, Swappable stack no need cable connection between each module

7.System capacity available for up-to 25.6KWH

8.Battery cell is Certificated with IEC/UL

9.Design life no less than 15 years

10.Compatible for major Inverter brands in the market

11.Customized Design is available for OEM/ODM customers