PLC Series Rack Mounted Lithium Battery Pack Catalogue (48V50Ah/48V100Ah/51.2V100Ah)

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PLC Series Rack Mounted Lithium Battery Pack






Features Introduction



1.Standardized design: standard 3U and 4U case, good applicability

2.In parallel to enlarge energy:Add the current limiting module,support multiple battery parallel use,expand the battery capacity, meet the high energy demand of customers

3.Intelligent lithium battery management system: With RS485 communication, you can monitor the battery status at any time and set protection parameters such as charge and discharge according to customers'requirements

4.Balancing: Automatic collection of battery single series voltage, pressure difference up to 30MV(can be set),automatic start  equalization function

5.Warning function: Warning functions such as overcharge,overdischarge, overcurrent, high temperature and low temperature can greatly reduce the potential safety hazard