PIM-Li Series High Freqeuency Lithium Battery Portable Solar Generator Catalogue (300W-3kW)

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PIM-Li Series High Frequency Lithium Battery Portable Solar Generator


Capacity: 300W-3kW | Charge Control: MPPT | Input/Output Voltage: 110VAC/120VAC/127VAC/220VAC/230VAC/240VAC | Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz | Wave Form: Pure Sine Wave




Features Introduction



1.Pure sine wave output

2.Widely input voltage range

3.4 working modes selection

4.8 fast-charging USB ports

5.Well-designed for ease of portability

6.Convenient with more power output like AC, USB, and 12VDC/24VDC

7.FM Radio function, also can support MP3, USB flash disk and memory card

8.Easy to set up even during an emergency

9.LCD display to show charging and dispensing progress

10.Auto restart while AC is recovering

11.Overload and short circuit protection

12.Compatible to mains voltage or generator power

14.Smart multi-stage battery charger with optional equalizationfor optimized battery performance

13.Metal case to make the product difficult to deform to guaranteelong lifetime usage