PHYB Series IP65 Hybrid Solar Inverter Catalogue (3.6kW-6kW)

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PHYB Series IP65 Hybrid Solar Inverter


Capacity: 3.6kW-6kW | PV Input Range: 40VDC-600VDC | Grid Type: Single Phase | Degree of Protection: IP65




Features Introduction



1.Inverter 3.6-6KW available

2.Wide PV input range: 40-600Vdc

3.High PV input power. 50% higher than competitors

4.Fully compatible with high load appliances such as: air conditioning unit, heat pumps, dryers


5.Build-in smart modes including self-consume, VPP, remote control, etc., to maximize users' financial savings

6.Safety and Reliability: Integrated AFC, effective arcing detection

7.Effortless installation: Full-house backup, no alteration on consumer units, plug-in terminals

8.UPS mode: Seamless transition to backup mode to assure an uninterrupted power supply