PER Series Rack Mount High Frequency Online UPS Catalogue (1kVA-3kVA 1/1)

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PER Series Rack Mount High Frequency Online UPS


Capacity: 1kVA-3kVA | Power Factor: 1.0 | Phase: 1/1 | Input/Output Voltage: 208VAC/220VAC/230AC/240VC | Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz




Features Introduction



● True double conversion

● Microprocessor control optimizes reliability

● DSP technology guarantees high performance

● Input power factor correction

● Output power factor 1.0

● Extremely wide input voltage window of 110VAC to 300VAC

● High efficiency up to 95.5%

● 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode

● ECO mode for energy saving

● Emergency power off (EPO) function

● Graphic LCD display with interactive multilingual user interface

● Adjustable battery numbers

● Adjustable charging current via LCD panel

● Adjustable charging mode with two stages or three stages

● Charger capacity expansion to 12A for long-run models

● Programmable output voltage

● Cold start by battery without grid input

● Smart battery charging technology for maximum durability of the battery

● Generator compatible

● Extension slot for SNMP