MCL Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller Catalogue (30A-100A)

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MCL Series MPPT Solar Charge Controller


Charging Current: 30A-100A | System Voltage: 12V/24V/48V/96V | Charge Control: MPPT




Features Introduction



1. Wide DC voltage input range, suitable for various common solarpanel specifications

2. Compatible for PV systems in 12V, 24V,48V or 96V

3. Select low power consumption chip to reduce static standbyenergy consumption and reduce energy loss

4. Three-stage charging optimizes battery peromance

5. Maximum efficiency up to 98%

6. DSP control technology

7. Automatic battery voltage detection

8. Ablity to output in parallel to power DC loads

9. Support wide range of batteries, like lead acid batteriesinduding wet, AGM, gel batteries and lithiumHon batteries

11. With temperature compensation function

12. Real-ime power statistics function