GPTG Series Front Teminal Gel Battery Catalog (12V 55AH-190AH)

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GPTG Series Front Teminal Gel Battery


Capacity: 12V 55AH-190AH




Features Introduction



● High quality fumed silica gel preparation, uniform distribution of electrolyte, acid stratification does not exist

● Electrolyte gel was fixed state, no flow, no leakage, so that all parts of the plate uniform reaction

● Long and narrow shape design, terminals located on the front of battery, it is easy for installation and maintenance, save space

● Radial grid design, a tight assembly technology with excellent high efficiency discharge performance

● With special design,the battery will not reduce the amount of electricity fluid during use,even no necessary to add any water during using life time

● Uses unique corrosion-resistant grid alloy, at 25 ambient temperature, up to 8 years float life

● All with high purity raw materials, battery self-discharge is minimal

● Using gas compounds technology, the battery has a high sealing reaction efficiency, no mist precipitation, safety and environmental protection, pollution-free

● With special design and high reliable sealing technology to ensure the battery sealing, safe, and reliable