ET Series Industrial Digital UPS Catalogue (10kVA-120kVA 3/3)

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Prostar ET Series Industrial Digital UPS


Capacity: 10kVA-120kVA | Power Factor: 1.0 | Phase: 3/3 | Input/Output Voltage: 380VAC/400VAC/415AC | Frequency: 40Hz-70Hz




Features Introduction



● DSP full digital control,stronger performance

● Advanced battery management technology,chargemanagement technology designed according to the charge and discharge

haracteristics of the battery, effectively prolong the service life of the battery

● Equipped with combined utility power and battery power supply technology, support utility power and battery power distribution ratio setting, suitable for weak utility grid and large load working environment

● Strong load adaptability,can carry motor and impact loads

● Support 100% unbalanced load,single-phase full load, any two-phase full load, can operate normally

● With self-detection function, to ensure initial start-up safe

● With fan failure alarm, promptly notify users to replace it, to ensure reliable operation of the whole machine

● Unique structure design, full front maintenance, reliable wall installation for some models, easy maintenance

● Support ECO mode,efficiency up to 98% in ECO mode Support parallel function

● 7-inch LCD capacitive touch screen, providing userswith intuitive and convenient operating experience Possess complete fault record, operation record and status record function to facilitate maintenance and repair

● Support RS232,RS485,CAN,USB,dry contact,SNMP card,WiFi/GPRS card,etc.,to meet various needs