6000 Series Low Frequency UPS Catalogue (1kVA-30kVA 1/1、3/1)

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6000 Series Low Frequency Online UPS


Capacity: 1kVA-30kVA | Power Factor: 0.8 | Phase: 1/1 / Input Voltage: 220VAC / Output Voltage: 220VAC | Phase: 3/1 / Input Voltage: 380VAC / Output Voltage: 220VAC | Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz




Features Introduction



● Multiple groups of CPU intelligent control, precisely control the parameters of UPS and its full control

● Humanized display interface to quickly understand the operating status of UPS

● Output isolation low frequency transformer, strong anti-interference ability

● High intelligence network control, more suitable for decentralized users to centralized manage

● Advanced phase balanced technology, suitable for working in harsh power environment

● Good load compatibility, can be applied to various types of loads

● Not principal and subordinate parallel technology, it can be arbitrarily online parallel expansion or N+1 redundancy in parallel

● Intelligent battery management to extend battery life