Which Battery is Most Suitable for Your Online UPS?

Which Battery is Most Suitable for Your Online UPS - Prostar

Battery is an electromechanical device which can store energy for using at another time. The energy is stored in battery in chemical form and after it is discharged, it is converted into electrical form. For powering things like space probes, satellites, flashlights etc, batteries can be used. You can find different sizes and shapes of battery available fitted for multiple applications. However, few are only used as online UPS banks.

With a online UPS battery, an inverter can be powered up for minutes and even hours also. The battery’s capacity is based on the load and power need at the time. Battery cell is taken as a battery’s building brick. When these cells are joined together, they sum up the separate voltage and then join together to provide the current in an increased voltage. A online UPS battery basically can deliver few and in fact thousand ampere at a time.

A battery cell comprises of 3 components: electrolyte, a positive component and a negative component. This cell can be either sealed or vented. Well, the sealed cells are maintenance-free.

Usually, there are 2 prime kinds of batteries which are best suitable for your online UPS. Let’s have a discussion below on them:

1.Lead Acid Batteries:

Lead acid battery is the most common battery type, which is used in many online UPS systems available in today’s market. These batteries come with wet cells and need periodic inclusion of water to the electrolyte at the time of its discharge. At the time of charging, they vent gases also. These batteries can be maintained easily and durable also if they are well-maintained.

2.Nickel Cadmium Batteries:

These batteries are also named as NICAD. This battery type is usually utilized for low voltage application like computer. NICAD batteries the most suitable option for your home appliances, which need the capacity for withstanding unfavorable electrical ambiance. Lead acid batteries are lesser expensive than the NICAD batteries. NICAD batteries can be reused and charged for long. These batteries are mainly used for PCs. They deliver a charge for 15 to 20 minutes, so that the user get enough time for saving and closing the file which is in use.

Depending upon your usage and requirement, you can select the UPS battery. If you need you UPS to perform for hours, you must consider purchasing something strong like Prostar UPS battery and if you need your UPS to perform 15 to 30 minutes at a time, then you can opt for the basic model.


Which Battery is Most Suitable for Your Online UPS


Post time: Oct-10-2017
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