Where Is Suitable For Installation Of Distributed Solar Power System

Where Is Suitable For Installation Of Distributed Solar Power System - Prostar


1.Industrial workshop: especially in the large electricity consumption and expensive electricity fees factories, usually the roof area is large, wide flat roof, suitable for installation of photovoltaic arrays and due to the large load, distributed solar power system can do to offset part of local consumption, online consumption, thereby saving electricity.

2.Commercial buildings: it is similar to the effect of industrial workshop, the difference is that the commercial buildings is mostly cement roof, more favorable to install photovoltaic array, but often have the aesthetic requirements of the building, in accordance with the characteristics of commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, conference centers, resorts and other buildings, the characteristics of the loads generally showed higher in daytime, while the night is low, can better match the photovoltaic characteristics.

3.Agricultural facilities: there are a large number of usable roof in rural areas, including its own residential, vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds and so on, the countryside is often at the end of the public grid, poor power quality, the construction of distributed outdoor solar power system can guarantee the electricity and power quality.

4.Public buildings: as a unified management standard, the load and business behavior is relatively reliable, high installation enthusiasm, municipal and other public buildings is also suitable for the distributed solar power system.

5.The remote areas and islands: due to far away from power grid, remote agricultural and pastoral areas in China such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Sichuan and other provinces as well as Chinese coastal islands, there are millions of people without electricity, PV system or complementary with other energy micro grid power system is very suitable for application in these areas.


Where Is Suitable For Installation Of Distributed Solar Power System


Post time: Oct-10-2017