Useful FAQs about Using and Buying Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Useful FAQs about Using and Buying Pure Sine Wave Inverter - Prostar Inverter

If you are planning to buy a pure sine wave inverter for your home, it is essential to know about the device as much as you can. This ensures that you are getting the right product. You are lucky, if you are buying this inverter first time, as in this blog post we have revealed the answers of some frequently asked questions by buyers about pure sine wave inverter. This will not only help you get an insight about this nifty device, but also you can make the right decision, making sure great value for your money and your satisfaction as well.

FAQs for helping you finding the right inverter for home:

How long can I utilize my inverter?

Your inverter’s runtime completely depends on your batteries. To decide how long you can utilize the inverter with a specific device, add the Amps on your batteries and then divide them by 12. Get the complete sum of the appliances’ Amps and then add 0.5 Amps. Add the two outcomes together and finally divide them by the first number you can remember. This is the measured time amount you can run your inverter.

How can I know the size of inverter I should purchase?

Inverters range in various capacity or sizes. To decide the size you need to get for your home, add the appliances’ wattage you want to utilize with the device. Remember that you must get an inverter with a capacity of 600 watts or more.

What kind of battery should I utilize with my inverter?

Never use a local inverter battery with your pure sine wave inverter for better results. Utilize a branded battery instead as it gives higher peak Amps faster and its voltage is steadier across the discharge curve. Plus, it lasts twice as long as local battery.

What should I do for preventing the battery from being discharged easily?

If you want to utilize the pure sine wave inverter for longer period of time, you must keep the appliances running. This will help you prevent the battery drainage caused by using your inverter.

Can I utilize an extension cord?

If you want to utilize more than one apparatus simultaneously yet the inverter has just one or two output, you can connect an extension cord with the inverter. Nevertheless, ensure that the cord’s length will not exceed 60 meters for preventing the signal loss.


Useful FAQs about Using and Buying Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Post time: Sep-29-2017