The Way of Testing Your UPS System

The Way of Testing Your UPS System - Prostar UPS

UPS systems are quite difficult thing to maintain, which is both bad and good news for the users who completely depend on them. The good news is that even after a partial failure, it will continue performing and the bad news is that it will never let you know that it is in bad condition, until and unless it is unable to manage a power cut.

That is why you should never depend on its indicator lights or any other passive sign to decide your UPS’ condition. You should test your UPS regularly.

If a small UPS is delivering power to a single server, then this type of testing is quite easy. Power cutting is involved in it to see whether the UPS picks up the load and carries it for a particular time period, whereas your system shuts down automatically and gives proper alarms. You also should test the capacity of the UPS battery to see the time taken by the UPS for carrying your load and checking the line voltages also, because the UPS has capacity to ensure there are no serious surges or spikes. Plus, never forget checking the batteries’ condition daily and as per the recommended schedule of the UPS manufacturer, replace them on time.

The testing is quite difficult when a large UPS is delivering power to a whole data center. Even it can be more harmful as the currents are involved in it. Use expert professionals for this job as it helps keep your UPS safe.

Testing a large UPS system includes: testing capacitors for physical signs of failure, tightening and checking connections, checking every protection setting and calibrating the unit and additionally battery condition, battery life, transient response and the performance tests of switchover also. Testing a UPS, which powers a data center, includes: a test of response to module failures, a check of filter integrity and the harmonic analysis at different loads in the UPS.

This type of testing is off course costly, whether you hire an expert from outside or you do it yourself. In fact, testing a small UPS interrupts the basic performance of the devices protected by the unit. You should always consult with your UPS manufacturer what types of tests are recommended and when they should be performed as well.


The Way of Testing Your UPS System

Post time: Sep-28-2017