The Main Application Areas of Online UPS System

The Main Application Areas of Online UPS System - Prostar


Generally, the online UPS system can be divided into three main application areas.

1.information technology

Commercial UPS has been closely integrated with information technology, the bidding specifications of UPS equipment for information technology do not need special technical requirements. Telecommunications, banking, insurance companies and large enterprise data centers are typical examples of commercial UPS applications. In these applications, the interruption of the AC power supply may result in the interruption of data processing and telecommunications transmission, but usually does not cause direct damage to people or property.


2.Critical program or process control

For decades, the design and application of industrial UPS system to the key program or process control applications has accumulated rich experience. In the application areas, the load side of the AC power supply interruption or instability, may cause dangerous chemical instability failure, or cause huge damage to the production system and even the surrounding environment. Petrochemical complex and power station are typical examples of the use of chemical or steam processing operations. In this process, if the power supply is interrupted, it will be dangerous. Due to the possible risks and losses from the control power supply, it is necessary to design a special UPS system for the application of the industrial environment, and the performance test is more stringent than the commercial UPS.


3.Common program or process control

We call this the middle part of the application the light industry. Even if the AC power is interrupted in the processing operation, the application types are not fatal. In these processes, UPS’s failure or instability may result in the loss of finished products or the re arrangement of product equipment for the hundreds artificial hours. The drug and food and beverage industry will be an example of the light industry. In these areas, the high reliability of industrial UPS system will effectively avoid the above situation. Of course, due to the popularity of commercial UPS, in these areas also have applications.


The Main Application Areas of Online UPS System


Post time: Nov-06-2017
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