Solar UPS Advantages Applications

Solar UPS Advantages Applications - Prostar


Nowadays, people are getting more and more inclined towards renewable energy sources as they are the most efficient and reliable alternatives to conventionally used exhaustible-energy resources. One of the best examples of these resources is the solar energy generated through the heat and light emitted by the Sun.Thus, the installation of an efficient Solar UPS is the prime solution for the optimal use of loads of free energy.


A Solar UPS provide instant protection from the power cuts and interruptions by converting the solar energy into electric currents. It stores this current within the batteries and supplies to the various electrical appliances, whenever required, for their incessant functioning.


Advantages Of Using Solar Ups For Home

• Easy Installation: A Solar UPS is easier to install than any other power generator. Also, it involves low maintenance cost.

• Economical: These systems are one time investment which consume lesser amount of power and are extremely affordable.

• Durable: Unlike any other power system, a solar UPS has a long life and provides extended functional life to the other appliances running through the UPS.

• High Productivity: These UPS systems generate maximum power output at low cost. Their power generation is much higher than their power consumption.


Applications Of Solar UPS

Apart from homes and business houses, there has been an increase in the demand of Solar UPS systems for commercial and industrial applications such as:

• Educational Institutes

• Medical Facilities like MRI, CT and ultrasound scanners

• Shopping malls

• Corporate offices

• Security departments at work places



Solar UPS Advantages Applications


Prostar Online UPS Product list


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