Recommendations to Maximize the Life Expectancy of Your UPS Battery

Recommendations to Maximize the Life Expectancy of Your UPS Battery

UPS batteries basically have a lifespan of 3-4 years according to some recommended conditions. But you definitely have some questions like: what are the recommended conditions and how can it influence the lifespan of a UPS battery? The more important question of yours should be: how can be the lifespan of a UPS battery prolonged?

There are some factors which truly affect the life expectancy of the UPS battery. Below are some guidelines for you to help you getting the way to maximize the lifespan of your UPS system:

• Surrounding Temperature:

All batteries have an evaluated limit which is resolved in light of indicated conditions. The appraised limit of an UPS battery depends on a surrounding temperature of 25°C (77°F). Working the UPS under these conditions will boost the life of the UPS and result in ideal execution. While an UPS will keep on working in changing temperatures, take note of this will probably bring about reducing the execution and lifespan of your battery. A general guideline to recollect is that for each 8.3°C (15°F) over the 25°C (77°F) surrounding temperature, the lifespan of the battery will be decreased by 50 percent. Along these lines, keeping an UPS at an agreeable temperature is vital to amplifying UPS life and capacities.

• Unit Replacement:

At the point when installing an UPS, the client ought to figure out where to introduce the unit to best give power insurance of the IT gear in the room. It is suggested that the UPS be installed in a temperature controlled environment like the planned application. The UPS ought not to be set close open windows or ranges that contain high measures of dampness; and nature ought to be free of intemperate dust and destructive exhaust. Try not to work the UPS where the temperature and moisture are outside as far as possible. The ventilation openings at the front, side or back of the unit must not be blocked.

• Maintenance:

Most single-stage UPS batteries are delegated support free which leads numerous clients to feel that observing and keeping up UPS batteries is pointless, however this is not the situation. A support free battery just alludes to the way that these batteries don’t require any substitution liquid, in this manner seeing how to appropriately tend to and screen batteries are vital.

• Cycling:

At the point when a power failure happens, the UPS will consequently change to battery energy to give the joined hardware (load) vitality. When utility power has been restored the UPS battery will consequently revive to get ready for the following force blackout, a procedure known as the release cycle. The single stage UPS directs that a battery can just experience such a large number of release/revive cycles before it achieves the end of its usable life, and must be supplanted.

At establishment a battery is at 100 percent of its evaluated limit, however every release and consequent energize will marginally diminish the relative limit of a battery. The length of the release cycle will decide by how much a battery’s ability is lessened. While cycling is a vital piece of UPS operation, monitoring the cycling recurrence will foresee the life of an UPS.

• Battery Storage:

Proactive owners of UPS may look to buy a substitute battery before one is important keeping in mind the end goal to evade the potential results of downtime. While this is an adequate and even suggested hone, there are a couple of essential components to consider while setting your UPS battery into capacity.

Definitely, an unused battery will encounter an existence cycle diminish. Lead-acid batteries like the ones utilized as a part of UPS units experience programmed self-release, in this way it is suggested that a battery away be charged each 3 to 4 months. Neglecting to keep up your UPS battery’s charge will bring about lasting loss of limit inside of 18 and 30 months.

On the off chance that you are unwilling or not able to charge your battery while away, it is suggested the battery be put away at 50°F (10°C) or less. Doing as such will moderate the corruption cycle of the battery, and boost its lifespan.

UPS and its related batteries are intended to be solid and reliable; however expanding the life of your gadget requires appropriate consideration from the client. Most clients know that batteries will in the long run need substitution, however numerous ignore the significance of the battery’s upkeep. Temperature and cycling recurrence are the two attributes that ought to be most nearly checked, however the significance of intermittent reviews, situation, and capacity can’t be neglected.

Post time: Sep-26-2017