Maintenance of Solar Grid Connected Inverter

Maintenance of Solar Grid Connected Inverter - Prostar Solar Inverter

Grid connected solar inverters generally have 5~10 years of service life, and if it is used and maintained improperly, will seriously shorten the life of solar grid connected inverter, and even bring security risks.

First of all, according to usage requirements, need to determine the technical parameters of product, and then installed by professional technicians, and after approved by the local power sector, before the product can be connected into the power grid, put into use.

The input and output terminals for daily use need to regularly check the product is connected firmly, input and output cable whether aging or damaged skin scratch, grounding wire is strong, whether there is a break or fall off, should be found for professional replacement. Do not arbitrarily remove the input and output terminals and their protective cover. Should avoide exposure of the live metal parts of the input and output terminals.

When daily use, as the inverter fails, the connection protection switch for the power grid shall be disconnected immediately, and the inverter can be turned on again after the professional has been removed from the power grid.

The maintenance of the product to should be operated by technical personnel, before any maintenance work, should firstly disconnect the grid connected solar system inverter, then disconnect the DC electrical connection, wait at least 5 minutes until the internal components of discharge is completed before the repair work.

Non professionals should not disassemble the product shell, when professional personnel in maintenance, shall comply with the warning signs, should wear anti-static gloves, to avoid unnecessary contact with the circuit board, also note that exposed hands do not touch the inverter’s power devices and heat abstractor directly, after a period of time, there are still high temperature.

In the daily use, the product should be in a good ventilation environment. It can clean the product surface and the air inlet and outlet dust with a clean and soft dry cloth regularly, and keep the good heat dissipation of the product.

Post time: Sep-26-2017