Line Interactive UPS: Intelligent UPS for Intelligent People

Line Interactive UPS Intelligent UPS for Intelligent People - Prostar

Power blackouts and surges affect our appliances’ performance. Generally, a UPS system helps provide power backup in case of power failures. For extending their life span and also avoiding damage, a constant voltage is needed for being maintained.  Now the Twin Guard Line interactive UPS of Prostar is available widely in the China market. So, don’t just lose the opportunity to buy it!

Exclusive product features:

1.Compact and portable design:

The UPS features a smart and sleek design. With SMF battery, this UPS weighs really light relatively as it weighs just 1300gm. You can simply shift them from different applications. You can carry it around anywhere.

2.Solid capacity:

Twin Guard UPS sports a noteworthy power backup capacity. Simply shut down your system after backing up essential data even while power fails. It has an excellent voltage regulator for buck or boost. Its SMF battery is really trustworthy. The UPS needs only 2-8 hours to recharge based on how much the battery is drained. It has a time of transfer less than 6mins. The power indicators and on or off switch make it easy-to-use.

3.Reliable material:

The superior material assures a durable finish. You can completely depend on this 1000VA UPS for steady utilization. Despite being presentable and attractive, this UPS features user-friendly controls as well. It’s appealing reflective mirror finished buttons make it really trendy. Even the fuse protection and the noise filter are also advantageous.

4.Ideal usage:

It is perfectly designed to support PCs under power breakdowns. This solid UPS has a durable external body that simply stays unbreakable. Its scratch-proof exterior simply helps to stay brand new. The superb construction guarantees this UPS has a prolonged life. It comes with alarms with different beeper modes. Each 8 seconds it beeps during low battery and it features a noise level also below 35dB.

5.Other essential features:

Its temperature ranges from 0 to 48 degrees. Its input voltage ranges from 135V to 300V. With a 50Hz frequency response of high battery backup, it is ideal for every household. All it features is the complete protection with the inclusion of overload and overcharge protection.


Line Interactive UPS Intelligent UPS for Intelligent People


Post time: Oct-10-2017
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