How Often Should I Replace My UPS?

How Often Should I Replace My UPS - Prostar


Many clients ask us this question and as you would expect there is no hard and fast rule. However as a rule of thumb, we would say every 10-15 years. Uninterruptible Power Supplies are very reliable and with regular maintenance will last and last but something that clients often do not appreciate with their old UPS is the amount of energy that it is wasting. Modern UPS can be 96% + efficient on online mode but a 15 year old UPS model is likely to have been only 80% efficient at time of manufacture and with age, we have seen efficiencies as low as 50%. This is particularly the case if the UPS is not significantly loaded and if the phases are unbalanced.

Over a year this can amount to a significant cost which then makes buying a brand new UPS a very smart return on investment.


How Often Should I Replace My UPS


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Post time: Oct-18-2017
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